Recipe For Red Wedding Punch To Be Used In A Fountain

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If you want to invest in a unique way to deliver beverages at your wedding you should consider a punch fountain. Such a fountain adds a bit of style to the party and in the same time allows you to follow a certain theme even when it comes to the beverages. For instance, if you’ve chosen to put together a romantic wedding with red as main color, you should consider gifting it with some red punch. There are even recipes that contain no alcohol, so you will be able to make sure the fountain is usable even by your underage guests.

Recipe For Red Wedding Punch To Be Used In A Fountain

Recipe For Red Wedding Punch To Be Used In A Fountain (Photo by: Connie)

The first thing you will have to do is get the fountain that will serve punch to your guests on the wedding day. To achieve your goal you can either buy it or rent it. I recommend buying it to all those who like throwing parties and simply love punch, because such a fountain is suitable to use at any kind of event and also easy to maintain. On the other hand, renting is for all those of you who are interested in a one-time use. Fortunately, most wedding rental companies have in store punch fountains so you shouldn’t have any trouble locating an interesting option offered at an affordable price tag.

Once in possession of the fountain that you will be using at your upcoming event, you will have to take the time to properly clean it. No matter if it’s used or new, the fountain needs to undergo a cleaning process that should involve a bowl of water and baking soda (two tablespoons). After placing both ingredients in the fountain you will have to turn it on and then let it do its job for around an hour so that the entire mechanism gets properly cleaned. What’s left to do is choose your favorite punch recipe and make sure someone will prepare it on your wedding day and will use it to fill up the fountain just before the guests’ arrival. I must also advise you to remove the screen used for the pump’s head if you are going to use a punch with slices of lemon or orange in it. That’s because the pulp of those fruits can cause the fountain to clog. Don’t forget to clean the fountain, using the same method described above, after the event is over.

Recipe For Red Wedding Punch To Be Used In A Fountain

Recipe For Red Wedding Punch To Be Used In A Fountain (Photo by: Justin Cozart)

When it comes to red punch recipes that you should consider the list is pretty long. For instance, if you are interested in an alcoholic version you should consider the so-called Red Wine and Orange Punch. What you will need is oranges, cloves, around 2 bottles of red Burgundy, 24 sugar lumps, unsweetened orange juice (1 x 19 fl oz can) and orange-flavored liqueur (6 tablespoons). The preparation process involves starting by studding the oranges with the cloves. You should then slice each orange and place it in a large bowl. Afterwards, you can take a saucepan, add the burgundy, the orange juice and the sugar lumps and wait until the mixture is about to boil. You can then add the liqueur and pour the mixture over the fruit slices.


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