Rainbow Wedding Cakes

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No matter the size or the shape, the wedding cake a couple brings to the reception has to be tasty and good-looking, that’s for sure. These are the two main qualities a bride and groom have to take care of when planning the cake for the dessert ceremony. The guests are eager to see the way your cake looks like and then to actually have a bite of it! These days, the wedding cake is no longer regarded as an ordinary slice of sweet that fulfills a certain tradition or formality.

Nowadays, the cake has a primordial role in a wedding reception and it is definitely the centerpiece of the party, the long-waited present and surprise for the guests! One can select a successful cake according to a few criterions. The majority of couples decide to opt for a showy confection that can amaze, flatter and seduce the audience. This means that you can choose the wedding cake by style, design, color and shape. These aspects are the exterior “ingredients” that make the cake look outstanding, impressive and unique.

Humorous Wedding Toasts (Source: brides.com)

Rainbow Wedding Cakes (Source: brides.com)

You can focus on the appearance of the cake and opt for something truly spectacular, or you can choose a type of filling that can leave your guests “wowed”! This means you can choose the cake by flavor. Either way, it would be best to find a way to keep the balance between the appearance and taste of the cake. We brought a few of our favorite wedding cake designs created for this year by some of the most talented designers in field. The specific of these confections is their color-scheme. Designers used the rainbow theme to create these delicious and elegant cakes and we have to admit that the results are wonderful!

Humorous Wedding Toasts (Source: brides.com)

Rainbow Wedding Cakes (Source: brides.com)

These creations are made by style and they were designed to fit hot summer time weddings. You can select or adopt one of these savory cakes for a warm weather wedding party and surprise your guests with something tasteful and tasty! The colors of the rainbow are not however used in large doses in these confections.

Humorous Wedding Toasts (Source: brides.com)

Rainbow Wedding Cakes (Source: brides.com)

The contrary, they are only used as subtle layers or elegant patterns. Nevertheless, the hues are pretty bold and bright. The first summer wedding cake we’re showing here is made of fondant and adorned with rainbow stripes and citrus gummy candies. The results are amazing! Candy-like, this cake also looks stylish and pretty chic. This was made by Sweet Element.

Humorous Wedding Toasts (Source: brides.com)

Rainbow Wedding Cakes (Source: brides.com)

The second confection is a more special one. A single layer, all-white on the outside and surprisingly colored in the interior! The slicing ceremony will surely be a show-stopping moment! Each layer features vibrant shades of ROY G. BIV. This is signed by Love & Olive Oil. The third design is also whitish, simple and clean, hand-painted in rainbow stripes. This was created by The Small Object. The last one is made by Lochel's Bakery and it is more modern, covered in colorful royal icing candy dots.


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