Purple Wedding Flower Centerpieces

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Those of you who are planning a romantic wedding in a more contemporary and chic way might be interested in seeing these gorgeous purple wedding flower centerpieces that we’ve posted here on this page. Before we go any deeper with this article, we must tell you that we’ve chosen the purple theme for this article and we recommend it to the romantic brides especially because this color seems to be regarded or perceived as the new red.

And we all know that red is considered the color or love, passion and romanticism. But things have changed during the last few years and this is how the purple managed to reach the status of the romantic theme that can look more appropriate for modern and trendy weddings today. The red nuance was popular back in the old days for romantic weddings and since it was so overused, this color is now regarded as old fashion or too dated and traditional for a modern wedding.

Purple Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Purple Wedding Flower Centerpieces from weddings.theknot.com

But this is not a general idea or an official decision that the purple color is the new red and the most romantic theme that a bride can choose for her wedding. These are only opinions that are shared by many people and couples today. You can follow them or follow your own intuition or your own vision in creating the romantic wedding as you wish. The bold, dark and perhaps the whimsical colors are nowadays regarded as superb choices for romantic wedding receptions, and if you’re not into the purple color at all, you can always choose something like black, brown or even dark burnt orange.

Purple Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Purple Wedding Flower Centerpieces from weddings.theknot.com

For this article we’ve decided to present you these gorgeous purple wedding flower centerpieces because we know that there will be many brides or couples out there who will find these arrangements very beautiful, inspiring and suitable perhaps for their own wedding. There are many choices that you must make when selecting this theme for your wedding. And one of the most important things that you must take care of is choosing the right type of purple. This color palette contains lots of unique and sublime shades of purples that you can make your pick from according to the exact type of wedding you’re planning. And the most popular derived purple nuances that you can choose from are mauve, lilac, violet, plum, magenta, lavender and aubergine.

Purple Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Purple Wedding Flower Centerpieces from weddings.theknot.com

The season, the venue, the formality, theme and amplitude you’re planning for your wedding can influence the type of purple you should choose for the décor arrangements. The pastel or neutral nuances are more adequate for high class or refined weddings, while the bold vibrant hues are more fitted for casual outdoors weddings. But you can always decide to combine a light with a dynamic purple tone and obtain a better balance , diversified and richly abundant effect! If you want to mix the purple with a different color, you should know that the orange, the yellow and the lime green hues are the recommended ones in this regard.


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