Purple Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

Posted in: Wedding Flowers by admin | August 19th 2010 | 7 comments

More and more brides of today are somehow drawn toincorporating more whimsical colors in their wedding bouquets in order to obtain a magical unique look. One of the most sensual, mysterious and seductive colors available today for wedding flowers is the purple color. One can easily observe purple wedding cakes, purple wedding décors and even purple wedding dresses promoted by modern brides on their wedding day. When it comes to purple and wedding flowers, this combination is definitely a very inspired one.

Purple is a magnificent unique color that speaks of loyalty, magic, spirituality, introspection, innocence, creativity, majesty, royalty, wealth, prosperity, refinement, mystery, mysticism, innovation, femininity, attractiveness, delicacy, softness, elegance, style and class.

If you are sick and tired of hearing about rose, tulip, orchid or calla lily wedding bouquets, we recommend you to go with the wild vibrant gerbera daisy wedding flowers . In order to help you decide more wisely and easier on the most appropriate type of purple wedding bouquet for your wedding, we present you here the purple gerbera daisy wedding bouquet.

This type of flower is among the most playful, cheerful and vivid types of flowers incorporated today in natural touch simple wedding bouquets. A gerbera daisy wedding bouquet will always manage to lift up your bridal look and bring more splendor, luminosity, vibe, creativity, femininity and gracefulness to your face.

This type of flower has the power of transforming a simple boring and plain wedding into a more inviting, approachable, funny, artistic, happy and full of joy wedding party! One of the greatest things about gerbera daisy wedding flowers is that they are available in all kinds of colors and that they are less expensive compared to other types of modern flowers used at this moment in bridal bouquets.

Purple is definitely one of the most original, outstanding and surprisingly eye-catchy colors that can be used for a gerbera daisy wedding bouquet. One can also combine the purple gerbera daisy with pink daises, white daises, orange daises, yellow daises, green daises or brown daises and obtain a more themed and rich purple gerbera daisy wedding bouquet, depending on the season, location and formality chosen for the wedding.

In general, gerbera daisy wedding bouquets are recommended for modern causal weddings, because of their nonchalant aspect and behavior. Since the formality of the wedding is more relaxed and “permissive”, then the style of the purple gerbera daisy wedding bouquet should follow the same comfy casual loose style.

A hand tied purple gerbera daisy wedding bouquet with a nosegay or a posy style can make a superb choice for practical brides or for contemporary brides in general who are planning an informal outdoor wedding. The purple gerbera daisy wedding bouquet can accompany a garden wedding, an English themed wedding, an open field wedding, a park wedding or a country-side style wedding.1

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7 Responses to Purple Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

  1. Camelia says:

    Oh, these flowers are so beautiful! I love them! Too bad my wedding just passed because they would have been a lovely touch to my bride’s bouquets which was made entirely of lilies and roses and it was aaaaall white and green. Some purple would have made an excellent contrast.

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  2. Theona says:

    I agree, these daisies are just lovely. I have to admit that I have never seen a flower this purple and it would certainly be something unique to have that at a wedding.

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  3. Amanda Massie says:

    I love this gerbera daisies bouquet. Are they artificial flowers?

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  4. Shari says:

    Having purple gerberas an white carnations as my bouquet and my maid of honour is having all purple gerberas and the other two are having white carnations, I think it’s a bit more fun!

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