Purple and White Wedding Bouquets

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Planning the wedding flowers or the colors for the wedding bouquet is not a very simple and easy task to do as you may think at a first sight. In order to get the bouquet ready and breath-taking looking for the big day, you have to match the colors of the flowers with the whole color line and theme of the wedding, and afterwards see what types of =arrangements can suit the color and the flowers chosen by you best .

And since nowadays everything in weddings is about the colors, we are going to propose you a fabulous and sensational color scheme that you can use for your bridal bouquet: the purple and white themed wedding bouquet .

We thought of purple because this sensual nuance is quite popular and sought-after these days for wedding dresses, wedding cakes and for wedding bouquets especially. But to maintain the arrangement easy-going, and softer to the eye, you can mix this color with white.

Bicolor wedding flower bouquets are among the most beautiful and desired ones by most modern brides, because they allow them to incorporate both an innocent natural color like white is and a more vibrant, dynamical, vivacious and playful one such as purple. This way the balance is balanced and the bride can combine the classy pure white wedding look with the modern bold and funky look in a very elegantly and inspired way.

Purple is the color that is usually associated with spirituality, faith, inspiration, fidelity, devotion, truth, creativity, innocence, refinement, delicacy, desire, optimism, destiny, affection, grace, femininity and divinity in general, and we think that all these significations or meanings are very suitable for what a wedding day means and stands for.

If you like this proposition, then you might wonder what types of natural flowers can be found in the purple shade! Well, the choices are not many, but enough to provide you with a few interesting and sensual charming possibilities of arranging the purple and white wedding bouquet.

Here are the most popular and used types of purple wedding flowers in weddings and wedding bouquets especially: roses, lisianthus, tulips, carnations, gerbera daises, ranunculus, lavender, lilacs, irises, hyacinths, pansies, hydrangeas, orchids, calla lilies, freesias, stocks, wisterias, gladiolas, impatiens, snap dragons, clematis, alyssum, sweet peas, cone flowers, bachelor’s button, pansies, hibiscus, asters, lupines, verbenas, tamarisk or crocus. As you can see, the choices are not very limited.

There are different derived purple hues that you can pick for the bouquet. Depending on the theme, the location, season and perhaps formality that you choose for the wedding, you can opt for a lilac type of purple, for a lavender, mauve, violet, dark pink, royal purple, dark purple or magenta type of purple.1

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