Purple And Orange Wedding Flowers

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Nowadays, weddings have become very colorful events where the vibrant mood and the cheerful atmosphere are the ones which prevail. In this article we are going to offer you a very beautiful example of colorful wedding themes that you can follow for composing the wedding flower arrangements and bouquets, and this is the purple and orange theme. There is no other theme that might be considered more inspiring and sensual than this one that you can choose for your wedding décor arrangements.

As you can see in the images below, these purple and orange wedding flower arrangements look absolutely magical, elegant and eye-catchy. They can make the perfect color scheme choice for destination brides who are planning on spending their wedding day in a more luxurious location such as on a tropical island, coast or beach.

However, this sensational theme can make a wonderful selection for couples who decide to organize the wedding in the middle of nature as well. If we are interesting in finding the best seasons in which this color palette can look at its best, we would mention the summer and the fall seasons. Both the orange and the purple shades are extremely vivacious, outstanding and vibrant, especially when they are combined because they manage to create a very beautiful effect.

While the orange is there to bring more cheerfulness, energy and happiness to the wedding, the purple color is there to add more whimsicality, magic and sensuality to the atmosphere or décor arrangements. There are many types of natural flowers that can be found in these two unique and lovely types of nuances. You just need to find the ones that can match the season, the theme, the formality and the venue of your wedding. For example, if your wedding is to be held during the spring season, we recommend you to opt for a fabulous tulip purple and orange wedding flower arrangement or bouquet.

Other charming types of spring flower combinations that can be made using these two colors are: purple irises and orange narcissuses, purple hyacinths and orange freesias, orange and purple ranunculuses, orange peonies and purple dahlias, etc. No matter what you might choose, we advise you to pay attention to the exact types of purple and orange shades that you are going to use for the flower arrangements. The purple nuance can be found in lots of sensual and magical derived shades of lilac, lavender, violet, mauve or plum. On the other hand, the expressive orange can be found in lovely shades of peach, coral or burnt orange.

All these hues can be suitable for each type of wedding, so you’d better be very careful when planning the best types of purple and orange wedding flower arrangements and bouquets for your wedding. We are kind of glad to see that more and more brides or couples decide to break tradition and adopt a different type of theme or color for their wedding. There is nothing more delightful and inviting than a fresh vivaciously colored wedding!1

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