Pumpkin Wedding Theme

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This post is for those who are in love with pumpkins and wish to incorporate them as a motif in their wedding. As weird as it may sound, pumpkins can make fashionable elements of décor for a wedding reception. There are tons of ways of inserting these items in a wedding and obtain spectacular results! And we are here to prove it. Pumpkins make unique wedding decorations, especially for Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving and other autumn wedding themes.

You can even go for a modern fun Cinderella themed wedding and use big pumpkins to underline the story. If you decide to opt for this style, our suggestion is to store pumpkins ahead of time for the big day. You need a safe source of pumpkins for your wedding so that you can do this with precaution and attention. To do that, look in local farmers markets or supermarkets and ask whether you can order pumpkins for your wedding in advance.

Pumpkin Wedding Theme (Source: media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com)

Pumpkin Wedding Theme (Source: media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com)

Planning ahead is the key to a successful wedding at this point! Pumpkins are great for fall weddings and whimsical decors. But there are many types of moods you can choose from for a pumpkin wedding. You can select the formality of the wedding based on these items or th other way round. Pumpkins aren’t great just for casual affairs, but also for formal celebrations. Use white pumpkins for a more elegant look. The orange ones are great for fall seasonal receptions. But there is also a third option for you: paint the pumpkins in the colors you want for your wedding. Use shimmery paint to obtain a more glam and whimsy look.

Pumpkin Wedding Theme (Source: media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com)

Pumpkin Wedding Theme (Source: media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com)

Gold glitter can captivate perfectly well the light at night. Pumpkins also look great in the daylight. So don’t hesitate to follow this theme if you’re having a morning wedding! Pumpkins are fresh and their light color will fit perfectly the crisp air in the morning and the light of sun. You can use pumpkins instead of candle holders. The effect is always amazing! Cut the pumpkins in your favorite shapes and create a fashionable décor. There are many designs you can choose from. Start practicing carving pumpkins before the wedding to find a style to match. And don’t forget to buy extra pumpkins in case you ruin them all! You can also start looking for pumpkin decorations on Halloween holidays. Your pumpkin decorations can be whimsical, elegant, glamorous or natural.

Pumpkin Wedding Theme (Source: media-cache-ec2.pinterest.com)

Pumpkin Wedding Theme (Source: media-cache-ec2.pinterest.com)

The colors of your wedding can follow the shades of your pumpkins, or you can choose any other hue. It doesn’t have to be an orange theme necessarily! You can choose brown, gold, yellow and even pink. Cream is great for a soft dainty wedding. Form elegant bowls out of pumpkins and place different candles inside. The light will be soft and smooth, ideal for an evening or intimate wedding reception. Use similar decorations to beautify the wedding site if you’re outdoors by creating unique paths and alleys. You can use pumpkins to decorate the ceiling or the trees if your wedding occurs outside the doors.


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