Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings

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As in many fields of weddings, the wedding rings come with a special signification and a proper type of wear. These are not necessarily traditions or stone-set rules, but etiquettes that many couples decide to follow for a successful wedding. Modern brides and grooms don’t usually take these things very seriously, but when it comes to honoring a certain convention, they are interested in how to do things properly.

Those who didn’t know, there is a proper way of wearing the rings and we are here to give you a few guidelines in this regard in the following lines. Read them and then decide whether you find them useful and interesting or not. There are a few important things every couple must know about this etiquette. Perhaps you guys have decided to follow your parents’ tradition. This is not a bad idea, giving the fact that this custom is very popular and successful. But there are many ways of wearing the rings, according to different cultures.

Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings (Source:

Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings (Source:

In most cases, the wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger. The fourth finger is the one that has more significance. Many say that this finger has a vein that goes straight to the heart! This is one of the many reasons for why so many couples decide to wear their rings like this. Another way of keeping your beautiful ring close to your heart is to wear it on a chain around your neck. This is a more efficient way to actually feel the ring next to you heartbeat.

Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings (Source:

Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings (Source:

This is a more modern alternative to the finger wear. In this situation, the symbolism is even higher, giving the fact that the sacred bond of marriage is now in the place where true love resides. Besides this, this closeness to the heart it also refers to the fact that the ring will carry all the beneficial energy to the one who wears the ring. If you are one of those newlyweds passionate about meanings and significations, why not add a birthstone to your ring?

Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings (Source:

Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings (Source:

You can opt for a gemstone design or add your personal stone to a diamond band. It all depends on your budget and preferences. This is a beautiful way to wear your ring as a lucky charm. In many countries, the symbolism assigned to the left hand is also related positive and bad energy. In this case, the left hand is supposed to bring bad luck. In Latin, “left” is associated with “sinister” and this is why many of the couples from those regions wear the rings on the right ring finger.

Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings (Source:

Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings (Source:

Those who have no idea what type of etiquette is followed in their country can simply watch other couples and see how they wear their rings. It is possible to find both types of ring wear: on the right hand and on the left hand. If you have no one to ask, follow your own intuition. The wedding rings are usually worn on the same finger of the engagement ring.


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