Princess Style Wedding Dresses

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The vast majority of brides today are interested in wearing a more extravagant and voluminous wedding dress and it seems that the princess style is back in trend with new forces. We adore the fact that more and more modern women have understood that looking fabulous and glamorous on their big wedding day means investing more in their own appearance and therefore in the dress they buy.

On the other hand, there are many fashion designers today who are also willing to invest more in the wedding dresses they create in order to be sure that in the end their pieces will fit and flatter more different types of brides and their high expectations. The preferences of a contemporary bride in matters of wedding dresses and gowns are not absurd at all. They all want to look like a real princess on the day and to plan a fairy-tale unforgettable wedding. And this is actually the dream of each of us.

The number of brides who are not attracted at all to the ample and sophisticated ball gown style is very small actually. So, for this article we thought to show you here on our website more beautiful princess style wedding dresses that we think you will like to examine closely. Perhaps you can consider them for your own wedding or at least get inspired from them.

We are convinced that these pieces we’re presenting here will be on your taste. And we say this because the silhouettes are very feminine, stylish and elegant, while the embroideries and cuts and quite elevated, innovative and bold. These gowns here can make the ideal attire choice for both classic-dramatic and modern brides who wish to wear something both provocative and dainty at the wedding. And there is no doubt that these fascinating dresses can meet these expectations.

If you’re already curious to know who the designer hiding behind these precious gowns is, we should tell you that all these stunning dresses you can admire on this page are designed by Princess Ornella Bridal. The collection is made especially for all 2011 brides who have always envisioned themselves wearing something flattering, sensual and glamorous on their big wedding day.

These creations combine in a very delicate and refined clever way the old glamorous style with the innovative fresh and bold modern style and we are glad to see that brides are attracted to these fabulous designs. This is actually one of the secretes that many bridal couturiers use today when creating their sophisticated gowns, and that is to mix the old era style with the modern designs and embroideries in a single spectacular piece that can fit and flatter both classic and contemporary brides. We adore the lavish large ruffles made on the skirts, the sheer bodices, the corset inspiration style, the chic gloves and the color accents incorporated in some of these marvelous gowns. We invite you to browse for more princess style wedding dresses here on our website!1

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