Popular Wedding Rings In The 2013 Wedding Season

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For many years, choosing the right engagement ring was more important than opting for the right wedding rings. That’s because many couples saw and still see engagement rings as an all-in-one piece. However, things are starting to change because, nowadays, wedding rings are supposed to be placed next to the engagement ring. So, if you are interested in finding more about the wedding rings that are in trend this year, you should pay attention to the valuable information listed below.

The first thing you need to know about this year’s wedding rings is that they tend to come made of yellow gold, which is back in style. In the last few years, white gold and platinum rings were the first choice of most couples, no matter if they were shopping for an engagement ring or a wedding band. So, make sure you step away from that outdated trend and focus on traditional yellow gold wedding rings which, this year, are a hit.

You should also know that, usually, wedding rings were made available by jewelers as simple bands of metal. That’s because they had to fit perfectly alongside the gorgeous engagement ring adorned with a diamond or another type of precious stone. However, recently, a new trend has become popular transforming that simple metal band in spectacular jewelry pieces. For instance, by visiting various jewelry stores, you will notice that many wedding rings are starting to catch the attention with diamonds of their own, which are mounted around the band. The size of the diamonds used varies depending on the width of the band. In addition, diamonds (white or black) are not the only precious stones that have made it on these modern wedding rings.

Popular Wedding Rings In The 2013 Wedding Season

Popular Wedding Rings In The 2013 Wedding Season (Photo by: Mary-Lynn)

Another interesting wedding ring trend refers to matching the groom’s wedding ring with that of the bride. Extremely popular in the last few years, this trend continues to be in-style in 2013. That’s because more and more men want to wear their wedding rings as sign of commitment. Therefore, many jewelers are using their skills to create a complementary band for the engagement ring of the bride and then design a matching wedding ring for the groom.

While choosing the right wedding rings, couples also tend to make sure the bands are made of durable materials. That’s why platinum, white gold and yellow gold are the main choices of most couples. However, not all of us can easily choose between yellow and white, so a new trend has emerged. Thanks to this trend you can nowadays use two metals for creating the same wedding ring. So, feel free to combine white gold and yellow gold, for instance, in any pattern that you find suitable for your wedding ring.

Vintage wedding rings have also increased their popularity this year. One of the reasons behind this trend is the increased interest of couples in organizing traditional wedding ceremonies. So, couples have come to look for wedding rings with a vintage look and details like raised beaded edges or scroll-like engravings. Custom wedding rings are also very popular in 2013 because modern couples are also looking for unique bands based on their own design ideas.

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