Poppies Wedding Flowers

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In this article we are going to present you a few beautiful pictures of poppies wedding flowers, flowers that you can use for your own bridal bouquet or for your wedding décor arrangements. It all depends on the formality, the location and the theme you picked for the event. These stunning flowers are ideal for Summer and Spring arrangements.

However, the exquisite beauty of the poppies can be costly! These flowers are not very long-lasting after they are cut. This is one of the biggest downsides to these flowers. This is why the poppy flowers are such rare assortments for weddings!  The truth is that their intense red color and the lavish wide open blooms are too beautiful to overlook them!

Poppies Wedding Flowers

Poppies Wedding Flowers (source: allmyweddingflowers.blogspot.com)

We recommend these beautiful soft flowers to all contemporary brides who want something unusual, and unique for their wedding. You can use these gorgeous flowers in your bridal bouquet, in the bridesmaid’s bouquets, as well as in the décor arrangements. Poppies are great because they not only look stunning, they also are gifted with many precious significations. For instance, the Greeks worshiped the sweet poppies as the flowers of the gods and goddesses. They used to adorn the shrines of Diana and Demeter – the goddesses of fertility and hunt.

Poppies wedding flowers

Poppies wedding flowers (source:allmyweddingflowers.blogspot.com)

These delicate and fragile blooms were also prized, cherished and beloved by the Egyptians who used to decorate their funeral tombs with red poppies. In their culture, the poppies were the flowers that symbolized the eternity, the long life or the life after death. So they used to place these flowers in their tombs to guide the deceased through the other side. However, these frilly flowers are not associated only with metaphysical things, but also with true love, fertility, prosperity, magic and consolation. Some say that poppies are great for sleep, relaxation, meditation and repose. Nowadays, the beautiful poppies are usually associated with those who lost their lives in the World War II. So they are also considered the flowers of homage and tribute to the sacred aspect of the life or to those who passed away. These beautiful pictures of poppies wedding flower arrangements that we’ve posted here are only for your inspiration.

Poppies Wedding Flowers

Poppies Wedding Flowers (source: allmyweddingflowers.blogspot.com)

They can help you envision or picture your own wedding decorated and enriched with tones of red poppies. You can plan the wedding outdoors, anywhere in the middle of the nature and obtain a romantic sumptuous and sentimental reception and atmosphere for you and your beloved guests. The red poppies can help you obtain a rustic open field type of wedding that everyone will cherish and remember for many years to come! Choose to plan a different type of wedding with the magic and vibrancy of the red poppies!


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  1. Cynthia fairchild says:

    So where can I purchase fresh poppies online for an August 13th wedding? I have been looking and looking with no luck. Help!

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