Polish Brides

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If you’re thinking about planning your wedding without forgetting about your Polish heritage, you will have to find out more about the wedding traditions and customs that you should use. For instance, according to the Polish wedding etiquette, before organizing the wedding every Polish couple has to plan an engagement party. Usually, it’s a small party where the closest family members of the bride and the groom are invited for the purpose of getting to know each other. Sometimes this engagement party gives the couple’s parents the chance to meet for the first time.

Polish Brides

Polish Brides (Photo by: adriagarcia)

When it comes to the Polish wedding ceremony, a few aspects need to be highlighted. As expected every Polish couple is concerned about finding the right place for organizing the wedding ceremony and reception as well as about choosing a delicious menu and not forgetting to invite all their relatives, friends and neighbors. What you also need to know is that during the communist period, Polish couples had to organize two wedding ceremonies. There was the civil ceremony that took place in front of a magistrate and then the religious ceremony accommodated by a church. That’s because the communist government didn’t recognize the marriages blessed by the Roman Catholic Church. Nowadays, Polish couples can get legally married without having to organize a civil ceremony. The church chosen has the obligation to send the information necessary to the office for legal registration.

If you decide to get married in a Roman Catholic Church you should also know that you and your future husband will have to attend classes with a priest who has the goal to teach you about married life and how to solve your problems as a newly married couple. Moreover, before scheduling your wedding, you will have to talk with your priest and make sure you can tie the knot on that specific day. Keep in mind that during the 40-day Lent (before Easter) and the Advent (before Christmas) no wedding can be held. Such a religious wedding begins with the groom coming at the bride’s house alongside his family and best friends. They are served with light snacks and refreshments and when everything is set, they leave together for church. Once they arrive, the bride and the groom walk down the aisle together while their parents and guests take their places inside the church. Nowadays, Polish brides tend to wear beautiful white wedding dresses similar to the ones worn by western brides. The groom usually goes for a stylish suit or tuxedo.

Polish Brides

Polish Brides (Photo by: jit bag)

After the religious ceremony, the newly married couple and the guests go to the reception venue and the party begins. The now married couple is welcomed at the entrance with bread and salt, which symbolize prosperity and good fortune. The wedding guests will have the opportunity to enjoy eating delicious Polish dishes, drinking and dancing all night. Close to the end of the party, a special and meaningful Polish tradition occurs. The bride’s veil is removed and an apron is wrapped around her waist in order to mark the fact that she’s accepting her duties as wife. The wedding party usually ends the next morning.


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