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What any other way to say “I Love You” to your bride is better than dedicating her a poem? Especially if it’s written by you! You will surely make her happy, you will bring tears of joy in her eyes. A bride appreciates it when her man shows her that he loves her. The proof of love is always welcomed.

So, you, as a groom, are sitting at a desk and thinking about writing your vows, for example. But nothing good enough is coming to your mind, though you want to make the best of it. Next step is to go online and look for a poem! Don’t you think that this is a good idea?

You know that your fiancee won’t expect such an act from you. So it will definitely be a surprise, and a good one, trust me! What more can a woman want before a wedding than an act of  expressed love and pure emotions?

The Internet is rich when it comes to this kind of literature, for all tastes, traditional or modern preferences. The most common lyrics are usually something like you are my greatest love, I will love you to the end of days and beyond, you are the only one for me until my end of days, etc.

Poems like My Promise of Love, Forever Love, I Wished Upon a Shooting Star are just three example of what you can find out there and are perfect to be recited to a loved one.

Moreover, a poem for a bride must be recited in front of an audience, because for her this represents her man admitting he loves her and that he isn’t afraid to tell this n front of everyone being present at the reception. The groom’s feelings are being said out loud, as an act of devotion to his bride.

Some might disagree that a poem for a bride is appropriate and that facts are more important than just some words. Ok, I agree, facts are usually preferred, but women also like to hear these kind of things from time to time as it makes them feel safe.

Yes, such poems are usually too romantic for some tastes, or they seem too unrealistic. And because some consider that facts are enough to show to our significant one how much we love them, keep in mind, sometimes even that’s just not enough. Equilibrium is the key, a combination between “written and shown”, so to ay. Written feelings are delicious to the ones that read or hear them, especially when they’re made especially for them, personalized in a unique way.

The literature is full of declarations of love, which are suited as poems for brides in many cases, but keep in mind, Mr. Groom, that your future-wife will appreciate it even more when it’s your own creation, because the lyrics come from inside your heart and the passion is even bigger! Love needs forms of expression and a poem to your bride is one way to do it!1

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One Response to Poems To The Bride

  1. Thelma says:

    I just love personalized wedding vows. My sister got married in July and her husband wrote a superb wedding statement, which left half the women in the church crying.

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