Poems For The Bride And Groom

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Wedding are highly spiritual events, gifted with special meanings, but not safe from superstitions. A wedding is a holy union between a man and a woman before God. In other words, more profound, it is the period in a man’s life when he becomes one with the person he loves the most. Where there was just him and his own self, now there is another, just as important as his own soul and life.

This covenant binds the bride and groom through love and this love is symbolized by the wedding rings.In fact, everything in a wedding is full of symbolism and profound meaning.  Man was made to give and receive love, but they say that true love is found only once, and this is precisely what a wedding day marks.

Poems For The Bride And Groom

Poems For The Bride And Groom (Photo by: Kelly)

One of the most exciting things to plan for the bride and groom is the message for the wedding vows or wedding poems. They have to be romantic in order to fit the atmosphere and tonality of the event. For a sensitive couple that is already overwhelmed by the powerful emotional tone of the day, it may be difficult to find the perfect words to evoke the perfect nuptial sentiments. You should not worry though, because we have just the right love message that will help you speak out your heart. 

Wedding poems are very popular in wedding ceremonies and receptions, due to their versatility and uniqueness. They are touching quotes that always bring someone to tears or to profound meditation and joy.

You can choose from classic and modern lines. If you are expected to write a poem on your own, you will surely need some inspiration. Browse through the poem lines below and choose one that suits the occasion surrounding your wedding: the ceremony vows, the toast, the invitation or the thank-you note for the guests.  There are classic wedding poems or more contemporary lines that you can choose or get inspired from.

The groom is likely to say something nice during the wedding vows, or when exchanging rings. Select a few beautiful lines from a poem or more and try to incorporate them in your vows. This way your discourse will sound more romantic. For the wedding toast during the reception you should look for something funny and optimistic.


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