Pink Diamond Wedding Rings

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Many women choose to wear pink diamonds in their wedding jewelry. This stone color is very sweet and lovely, especially when it comes to the preferences of luxuriously romantic brides. A pink diamond wedding ring is an exclusive selection for the bride-to-be who has an exquisite taste. Pink is the color of femininity, love, creativity and romance. It is the ideal of any woman on her wedding day. Nevertheless, statistics show us that the mot popular types of diamonds chosen by our brides and grooms are the transparent ones. But the pink diamond ring alternative is more flattering for those who want a unique look. A fancy color diamond is a gorgeous stone selection for different types of wedding rings and bands designed exclusively for her. Pink diamond rings are unusual yet extremely elegant.

Due to their rarity and expensiveness, a bride is always attracted by this type of wear. It’s true that pink diamond wedding rings are harder to find than any other colorless diamond ring styles. The happy bride has two choices: real or simulated pink diamond stones. Another important aspect to consider is finding the right shade of pink for the bride’s preferences. Not all types of pinks are right for a wedding ring. Besides this, you must find a ring style to suit your budget. Pink diamonds are among the loveliest of all fancy colored diamonds, and the most difficult to find. The largest part of pink diamonds is extracted from a single mine in Australia. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go for a synthetic pink diamond.

Pink Diamond Wedding Rings

Pink Diamond Wedding Rings (Photo by: Maegan Tintari)

The fine shade of pink of these types of diamonds can be perfectly well simulated in laboratory. No one can make the difference between a synthetic and a real pink diamond, especially when we’re talking about this rare color. The majority of real diamonds that can be found in this color feature a soft pale type of pink. The stronger tones are more valuable than lighter washed out pink diamonds. The deeper tones of pink are also the most desirable by our brides. You can choose a pink diamond ring for your wedding to complement a pink sapphire engagement ring. But this colored stone can also make a fabulous contrast on a transparent diamond engagement ring!

Pink Diamond Wedding Rings

Pink Diamond Wedding Rings (Photo by: Maegan Tintari)

Nevertheless, the truth is that pink diamond wedding rings are amazing on their own. They look fabulous and at their very best without any additional rings or bands and wraps. The spectacular brilliance of the stone is ravishing on its own. There are plenty of styles to consider when making a purchase like this. Use a channel setting or prong for a ring with multiple rows of stones, or alternate pink diamonds with colorless stones. Scattered settings, eternity rings and floral designs are other amazing choices in this regard. If you want a similar look but less expensive, we suggest you consider alternative pink stones, like: pink sapphires, tourmalines or rubies. Choose a rose gold metal for the band to obtain a fancier look!


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