Petite Mother Of The Bride Dresses

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A petite silhouette usually defines the women who have a height ranging between 4’11” and 5’4”. In addition, this height is supposed to be accompanied by a slim and small figure. Nowadays, it’s not problematic to find outfits for such a figure, because fashion designers focus on delivering a variety of outfits which work for women who are shorter than 5’5”. So, if you are interested in buying a petite dress for your daughter’s big day you will simply have to remember a few important details.

Petite Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Petite Mother Of The Bride Dresses (Photo by: tienvijftien)

Sometimes finding the right dress for a petite woman can be quite challenging despite of the increasing variety. That’s because you will have to find a dress that fits perfectly to your length of torso and your bust line. These are the main obstacles that many petite women need to overcome if they don’t want to seriously have to alter the chosen dress. That alteration process should be avoided because most fashion designers feel that it’s very difficult to alter such a dress without losing some of its style and beauty. You also need to pay attention to the design that defines your choice. Usually, the best choices are those one-piece and two-piece gowns. Both styles are quite popular among petite women, a two-piece dress being a great choice if the jacket is stylish and the design flattering. You can keep the jacket on during the wedding ceremony and remove it during the reception in order to impress with a second look. You should also know that you can find both soft and structured jackets for this type of silhouette. According to current fashion trends, the structured jackets work perfectly for slender petite women while the softer ones are dedicated mostly to full-figured petite ladies.

I must also advise petite mothers of the bride to also take interest in A-line skirts or dresses. That’s because this style is considered suitable for any type of silhouette. You should avoid long and full gowns if you are a petite woman because these styles will make you look like you are drowning in the dress. So, keep in mind that for this type of silhouette simple and clean lines work the best.

Petite Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Petite Mother Of The Bride Dresses (Photo by: Russell Harrison Photography)

Another aspect that matters when talking about outfits for petite silhouettes regards their color. You will have to choose a color that compliments your skin tone while following the wedding’s color theme. A petite woman should opt especially for rich or muted colors and should be determined to avoid bold colors. By using all this useful information you will be able to easily find the right outfit for your petite silhouette and the type of wedding you’re going to attend. You will just have to focus on the retailers that have in store special lines for women with a petite figure. Some of the collections of the kind that are worth checking out are the Mon Cheri collections available, especially Montage, Ensembles by Mon Cheri, Cameron Blake and Rina Di Montella. Don’t forget about visiting the online shop of David’s Bridal where you will find a wide range of styles and colors suitable for petite women.


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