Pastel Colored Wedding Ideas

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Those looking to add a subtle color to their wedding décor without any bold hues should consider pastel tones. These colors are pretty versatile and complement any wedding theme or style. Combined in the right way they can really create unique wedding ideas without being too gaudy. Pastel colors are best used for spring and summer weddings since fall and winter are all about stronger and deeper hues. But you can still combine pastels and bold colors if you want a more daring look for the whole wedding décor.

Many themes work with pastel shades. Lilac colors are very elegant if mixed with ivory hues. A tea-themed wedding or a vintage one are perfect mixed with all kinds of pastel colors. Choose a blush pink color for the wedding cake adorned with some sugar flowers , or some greenery to evoke the rebirth of spring. Whichever theme you plan make sure to incorporate it into the wedding stationary such as place cards, seating plans and so on and so forth.

Pastel Colored Wedding Ideas

Pastel Colored Wedding Ideas (Photo by: Marieta Greyling)

The flowers that you use can make a big difference for the whole reception area. Use them to beautify the church, the chairs and the wedding locale. Choose your favorite flowers and put together some elegant bouquets as centerpieces and continue with the color scheme in the bridesmaid’s flower arrangements and even their attire. Subtle pink, creams, soft purple, yellow and other colors can be paired to create fantastic flower arrangements. Go for the silk version if your budget doesn’t allow you to stretch that much. Make sure to extend this theme and choose pastel dresses and shoes for the bridesmaids in order to complement your chosen color palette.

Pastel colored neck ties are ideal for the groomsmen, or to make things easier include a dress code and ask the guests to dress up according to your wedding concept. Your dress can also be pretty impressive through its style and color mixtures. If you opt for a white gown, add a light purple belt at the waistline or a dusty pink sash at the back. You could also purchase a pair of pastel yellow shoes or orange ones. They can have the funkiest style and color while the dress can be a simple and elegant lace or satin design. The color effect from the shoes will make your whole look be a total success. Pretty effortless right?

Your wedding cake can also be something impressive. Make it a basic white one with tiers and incorporate the pastel colors in the cake ornaments. Add garlands or flowers to create a draping effect all over the cake layers, or go for more romantic symbols like pink heart models on the side of the tiers. What about some pastel blue cupcakes adorned with yellow butterflies? This can be a successful color mixture if you want something distinctive and unique. Browse a few cake catalogues and decide what you and the groom want. Everything has to be planned and chosen based on the wedding concept and the right colors.

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