One-of-a-Kind Wedding Cakes

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Everybody wants a unique wedding and a day to remember. Fortunately, more than ever fore, our modern couples can find many ways to create a magical atmosphere at their wedding. We are all looking for more inventive methods to personalize our wedding day and make it more outstanding. Those who have been invited to several weddings so far among their friends decide to plan a more original event. Experiencing different weddings allow you to make yourself an image of what is traditional and what you can change to fit your own vision. And each couple has their own ideas of how their wedding should look like.

One of the most efficient ways to add more originality to your wedding reception is to have an unusual wedding cake. This style is fun and personalized. It can be a delicious cake with a weird design or a showy confection that reflects your idea of the perfect cake for your wedding. There are hundreds of variations available out there, so it shouldn’t be hard to choose something that fits your taste and budget. Nevertheless, know that one of-a-kind wedding cakes are delightful to have, but they may be more difficult to buy. The prices for unique wedding cakes are very high. Compared to standard designs, those that take longer to design and assemble are in general more costly. Our modern bakers are willing to create unusual wedding cakes, but they charge for it properly.

One-of-a-Kind Wedding Cakes

One-of-a-Kind Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Clever Cupcakes)

The amount of work and time invested in creating an extremist wedding cake should be rewarded properly. So, before deciding on this style, calculate your budget and see how much you are willing to pay for your unique vision. There are many risks involved in creating a unique cake. It all depends on the complexity of the design you’re asking for. Couples of today are very creative. They are willing to come up with their own idea of a unique cake to serve at their wedding. Find a good baker and have him creating your dream cake. You can focus on an outrageous shape or choose a unique flavor mix to turn a classic wedding cake look into a spectacular treat for your guest.

One-of-a-Kind Wedding Cakes

One-of-a-Kind Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Anne Cunningham)

Many couples of today find white buttercream cakes in three tiers a total cliché. This is precisely why they prefer something less common and more distinctive. You can modify the aspect of the cake by changing the size. Big tiered cakes are no longer in vogue. Gone are those days when seven-tier cakes could make a statement at a wedding. But the idea of having an extra-large cake can work for those who want to symbolize the richness of their love and length of time they have been together. Smaller cakes instead are trendier. Use cupcakes, mini cakes or individually crafted single-tier cakes and display uniquely for a more impressive effect. This diversity of flavors, colors, shapes and decorations always flatters the wedding attendants. There are fashion-inspired wedding cakes resembling the ruffles or texture of the bride’s dress you can try.


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