Nordstrom Wedding Dresses

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We are happy to present you these charming haute couture wedding dresses signed by Nordstrom hopefully the models we picked for this post will manage to stir your interest and captivate your attention. We tried to make a fine selection of the Nordstrom wedding dresses released by this bridal brand for a 2011 collection and we must admit that it was hard to choose from the myriad of beautiful styles available in this collection. But we think that we did a good job trying to bring here one from each style promoted by these designers.

Nordstrom Wedding Dresses from

Nordstrom Wedding Dresses from

This collection is unique because it features diverse types of designs and silhouettes that many brides can choose for their wedding. The more diversified, complex and generous a bridal collection is, the more chances to convince many brides to adopt a certain style from there.

Nordstrom creates simple and clean wedding dresses for the mature brides, as well as for the younger brides and their casual weddings. In general, those who are getting married later in life decide to wear something more simplistic, decent and clean.

The natural style is definitely one of the mature bride’s favorite, no doubt about it! But these superb lace covered Nordstrom wedding dresses that we’re presenting in the first two pictures on this page are not necessarily simple cut and totally unsophisticated. The lace sleeves and high necks that are meant to cover the bride’s shoulders and arms are also able to add even more elegance, richness and style to the bride’s look.

Nordstrom Wedding Dresses from

Nordstrom Wedding Dresses from

So the simple style is combined with the sophisticated style in creating a more versatile and chic type of attire that a modern mature bride can choose for her wedding.

Discreet, modest, modern and versatile, these gowns are ideal for those who want to wear something fashionable and yet timelessly elegant. We like the sleek silhouettes and the luxurious fabrics used for these two covered designs. Next we have a few ruffled Nordstrom wedding dresses that we recommend especially to the younger brides this time.

Nordstrom Wedding Dresses from

Nordstrom Wedding Dresses from

The thick ruffles made for the skirts are the elements that add nonchalance, playfulness and youthfulness to the entire attire. This is why we believe that these last gowns on our page can be more fitted and flattering for those who are planning a fun and funky wedding. These ruffled silhouettes also look sophisticated and rich, but they still manage to offer the bride comfort and practicality.

Nordstrom Wedding Dresses from

Nordstrom Wedding Dresses from

We like the fact that these Nordstrom wedding dresses are both attractively unique in appearance and wearable in designs. Romantic, easy to wear, comfy and utterly elegant, these pieces are great for summer brides. The long sleeved designs are more adequate for fancy indoors wedding receptions, although they can make nice choices for afternoon or evening weddings too! You are the only one who can say which style can fit you and your wedding best and it would be great if you could share with us your personal opinions regarding these models, your preferences and choices!




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