Non-Traditional Wedding Rings

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In most cases, brides prefer a diamond ring for their wedding. But if you’re an offbeat person who wants to follow a more unique path, you can choose from other amazing styles. And if you’re a guy, it’s not mandatory to stick with plain metal bands either. There are many other individually crafted wedding ring designs to choose from. There are non-diamond rings for her and textured bands for him to consider. Besides this, experts in wedding rings say that the modern bride doesn’t have to select a bridal ring or a ring intended for a marriage. It can be anything you personally love, such as a tattoo wedding ring! The palette of choices is wider than you think at this chapter. But let’s go through a few concrete ideas.

The first and most exciting option is to go for a gorgeous one of a kind ring created exclusively for you and your wear. Buying a customized wedding ring that has a personal touch could be more appealing for non-traditional brides and grooms. Wedding rings and bands available in jewelry stores may be too standard and easy to predict. This is why you can choose something more representative of what you like, something more original that meets your personal expectations. Back in the ancient days the wedding ring was made of exotic herbs and spices. Then metal was incorporated and then precious stones were added to make this item a precious piece of jewelry.

Non-Traditional Wedding Rings

Non-Traditional Wedding Rings (Photo by: Jewels Globe)

There was a time when plain gold wedding bands were the only option for modern couples. Nowadays, these items are designed with more passion and flair. They are meant to reflect the wearer’s personality and individual style. Besides this, they are more sophisticated now and more expensive, of course. Non-wedding rings are amazing options for unconventional brides and grooms. You don’t have to settle for the traditional style if you want something more symbolic and original. What do you think of choosing a family ring for your marriage? It can be an antique heirloom ring or a birthstone ring. These styles are ideal for couples with children and for those who have been married before. Consider sterling silver rings shaped in different forms.

Non-Traditional Wedding Rings

Non-Traditional Wedding Rings (Photo by: Jewels Globe)

Hearts and kisses are two of the most popular symbols of love one can choose as a special alternative to a non-traditional wedding band. Bow-shaped rings are great for fashionable brides. They symbolize the knot you guys are actually tying at your wedding. Jade rings and artisan-crafted rings are other unique recommendations. If these styles are too unusual for you, consider wearing a gemstone wedding ring. Look into Gemvara for a generous palette of styles. You can find here both precious and semi-precious stones to select from. Bell Jewels also offer a wide range of lovely gemstone bands for her and him. Textured bands are suggested for men who don’t want a plain ring. Choose an engraved or hand-carved band for a more unique look. Green Lake Jewelry and Ritani have gorgeous models. Or, choose a mixed metal ring!


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