Navy Blue Wedding Dresses

Posted in: Colored Wedding Dresses by admin | August 20th 2010 | one comment

There are many ways in which you can obtain a ravishing superb bridal look and wedding and as long as you incorporate a bold color everything is goingto look incredibly beautiful and unique. This article is going to detail the navy blue wedding dress and how this color can help you gain a totally distinguished and innovative modern look. The navy blue color is one of the hottest colors that arein vogue right now in weddings. One can see navy blue wedding cakes, navy blue wedding bouquets and navy blue themed wedding décors.

For brides who are planning their wedding near the sea or the ocean, a navy blue wedding dress can make the ideal choice. he blue color will never be out of fashion, as long as we discover new shades and unexplored derived paths of this unique spiritual color.

The navy blue shade is one of the darkest shades of blue that are famous at this moment. Similar to the ultramarine blue, the navy blue color refers to the deep blue of the ocean waves. For ocean lovers, a beach  navy blue wedding dress can make a gorgeous and an inspired selection.

Why not plan a more meaningful wedding by wearing your favorite color as a wedding dress! Instead of going all white, plain, boring and perhaps totally unattractive every bride can choose a more radiant and vibrant color for the wedding dress, according to the location, season and formality of the wedding. It’s true that the vast majority of the brides today are planning a casual wedding with a less sophisticated, extravagant or rigorous character, and that is why they feel so free to pick a dynamic color for the wedding dress.

But even conventional brides who wish to escape a bit of the classic white wedding dress without over crossing the limits tough can opt for a two-toned wedding dress.

The predominant color of the dress can be white, while the twisting modern accents can feature any color the bride prefers. We can witness more and more white wedding dresses with color. The can be incorporated in the neckline of the dress, in the waist line – through a waist band, a sash or a ribbon, in the hem line or in the train line.

The white wedding dress can also feature colorful floral patterns or colored jewel embroideries or lace accessories. White and navy blue themed weddings and wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular among modern daring brides who are looking for that special something lost along the way.

A full navy blue wedding dress can definitely fit a bold contemporary bride who is not afraid of taking any chances and risks in obtaining a more original and one of a kind look properly.1

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One Response to Navy Blue Wedding Dresses

  1. Leticia C. says:

    These dressed are gorgeous but I think they are more for the bridesmaid and not so much for the bride. I mean that they are very different from what I would picture a bride in a church looking like. the color is beautiful but I think it is way too dark for a bride to be wearing on her wedding day. You seem to have other articles with a more pinkish tone for the dresses and I find that to be more adequate than these models.

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