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One of the top special occasion labels a mature woman can choose for an important event or reception she’s attending is Cabotine. This brand is Spanish and this is why their style is so exquisite, so versatile and sensual. We think their pieces are great for mothers of the bride and groom. We know that older women are usually looking for something more elegant and stylish. And these beautiful gowns seem to be both decent and attractive.

We always recommend 2012 women to look into current couture collections in order to find something hot, something appealing for their wear. The modern dress style is a bit more seductive and those who want the sexy look for their daughter’s wedding should definitely take into consideration adopting this style.

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

 The models we’re happy to show you today are the most unique and interesting from the special occasions collection released by Cabotine in 2011. Don’t you think these gowns look stunning? The knee length skirts, the bold deep colors, the dramatic cuts and the sleek luscious fabrics make these gowns look incredibly hot and trendy. The modern mom will surely find these dresses suitable for their wedding wear.

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

Cabotine is one of the most renowned brands that produce and sell dresses for big events, galas and fancy receptions. Their label is based on a fine Hispanic style that is pretty hard to match. The great fit, the fashionable flair and the sensual profiles are the elements of design that Spanish couturiers usually feature in their collections. You can look into any Spanish designer’s portfolio and find the same versatile and vibrant style.

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

We recommend these lustrous gowns to those who are attending a wedding, an engagement party, a cocktail reception or even their own wedding (the mature bride or the second-time bride). These gowns can also work well for guests who are participating at renewal of vows. Mature ladies are no longer into fluff and girlish details. They prefer something ripe, something decent and simply elegant. In general, the style they adopt is also a bit more modest or just simple and clean.

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

The cut has to be precise and the detailing as subtle and delicate as possible. The fabrics used for modern mother of the bride dresses are also very soft and refined. We like the fact that these gowns look chic and coquette and that are able to reflect the styling preferences and personality of the woman. The models that come with jackets and boleros are by far our favorites.

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Of Bride Dresses (Source:

The frock style is extremely trendy today as well. The dresses created under the name of Cabotine are designed by Gema Nicolas. She knows exactly how to make be both unique and easy to wear. You know that the comfort is very important for an old woman or for a mature bride. The gowns she creates are comfy and wearable, elegant and modern. The design flatters the female body figure in a nice way and it also emphasizes the most beautiful traits of a woman.


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