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We continue our presentation of fashionable gowns for the mother of the bride wear with more gorgeous models from Catherines de Partick. If the dresses we’re showing here managed to stir your interest and curiosity, perhaps it’s time to visit their official website and check out all their beautiful collections.

We tried to bring here some of the most exquisite models that we thought you might be interested in seeing on our website. But the choices are even many. So don’t hesitate to go through the other special outfits this company sells. You will get the chance to pick a gorgeous style from a myriad of couture designs. Isn’t this great? We know mature women are exigent and picky when it comes to their daughter’s wedding or other important events in their life.

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:

But we’re also sure that these gowns can fit your taste and reach your highest expectations. We should also mention that the outfits you can find on Catherines website are only a small selection of the generous ranging stock. You can even have a custom-made design just for yourself. This is a more accurate solution for those of you who are not satisfy with your figure and need something special to fit. Not all women are slim and not all of them have a well-proportioned body.

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:


This is why one might need a customized design to fit and flatter a certain type of figure. These designers can create you a figure-flattering model that can be both suitable and fashionable. You wont’ even have to think about exclusivity, because what can be more unique than a personalized custom-made gown? The sizes for the models already available in these collections range from 8 to 26.

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:

The portfolio of Catherines de Partick contains lots of elegant pieces for the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, second time brides, female wedding guests and destination brides. The special occasion collections are full of individually cut designs that can suit different types of body shapes and personalities. The style they propose is dainty, chic and very feminine. Most of their gowns are inspired by the bold personality of the modern woman and also of the mature style and lifestyle of the older woman.

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:

Those who have passed their juvenile age are more concise in determining the things they want. They know exactly what can emphasize their beautiful traits and what cannot. This is why it’s so much fun and exciting to work with a mature woman. She is more aware of her personal charm as she is aware of her flaws. Besides this, her taste is more refined and she wouldn’t stray from choosing something elevated and more versatile.

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:

Mother Bride Dresses (Source:

The prices perceived by this company are not very spicy. A gown can be purchased with at least £200. Giving the fact that this occasion is so special, so grandiose and memorable, perhaps you should invest more in this outfit. You won’t get the chance to be the mother of the bride too many times in your life.


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