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2012 brides can’t really afford to go traditional on their wedding because the current trends are just too beautiful and too irresistible to ignore. Even those who consider themselves to be more conservative decide to drop down the weapons and make peace with the unique tendencies that are in fashion today. A classical woman who is used to keep things standard or predictable can discover that she is allowed to play with different colors, textures and designs in order to find the right style for her wedding. This can be a very enjoyable experience for those who are not used to think outside the box. There are many changes to be done, even in the smallest area of the wedding.

Let’s take the flowers for example. Who said that you can use only roses in your bouquet or table centerpieces? There are so many blooms out there to choose from and it would be a shame to stick to the classic types of flowers and plan a common look. Modern brides try to stay away from the popular look because it’s not enough to meet their expectations. Don’t settle for less and don’t follow the same old paths but try something new and you will have more to gain.

Modern Wedding Bouquets (Source:

Modern Wedding Bouquets (Source:

There is another aspect to point here. A modern wedding bouquet should not be necessarily composed of “modern-looking” flowers. It can perhaps feature a special shape or a more unique accessory. Something has to be original or eye-catchy. And it can be the design or a special accent. Current trends are very versatile, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to find something to suit your taste or preferences. If you like roses and you don’t feel like choosing something else for your ceremony bouquet choose at least another color, one that’s more appealing and interesting.

Modern Wedding Bouquets (Source:

Modern Wedding Bouquets (Source:

Anything unusual or less popular will do. White and red are common colors, so try something trendier or bolder, like blue, green, yellow or orange. There are many shades of pink and purple to explore for a modern rose wedding bouquet, like: lilac, lavender, fuchsia, magenta, plum or lilac. If you prefer something more dramatic, use black, chocolate brown or golden hues. The same colors are available for other classic flowers like carnations, tulips or calla lilies.

Modern Wedding Bouquets (Source:

Modern Wedding Bouquets (Source:

Hydrangeas are even more beautiful and versatile as they come in more colors and color-combos. Besides this, they look more modern and adequate for contemporary brides. Those who are having a coastal wedding can go for something unusually exotic or tropical. But these types of blooms are usually more expensive. If you’re using a traditional color or type of flower you should perhaps opt for a different shape of design that can make your bouquet stand out. The shapeless style is actually very trendy. It can suit the commodious brides who don’t want anything too sleek or tight and dramatically formal. Opt for a free of form loose style and let the flowers behave naturally.


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