Modern-Vintage Wedding Dresses

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We’ve written this article especially for modern brides who are into the chic and coquette vintage style and would like to wear something on this theme on their wedding day. We know that there are many brides out there looking for the perfect modern-vintage wedding dress that can be both elegant and creative and we thought that we could give you a hand with the searching process by showing you these charming and enchanting haute couture wedding dresses here.

All these gorgeous and simply breath-taking pieces that you can admire on this page were designed by BHLDN and they belong to a fabulous and one of a kind 2011 bridal collection that you can browse through on this fashion house’s official website. We invite you therefore to examine the entire collection in case you are already captivated by this original style and you wish to see more and make your pick from more different designs.

Modern-Vintage Wedding Dresses

Modern-Vintage Wedding Dress from

We must admit that we are personally in love with these sensational gowns here and we find them among the most flattering, romantic and refined vintage inspired wedding dresses that we ever seen in another bridal couturier’s portfolio. We are truly happy and excited to be able to present you such mesmerizing and fashionable gowns that we believe will fit and flatter many brides out there who are interested in this delicate and artistic style.

Modern-Vintage Wedding Dresses

Modern-Vintage Wedding Dress from

The good news is that more and more bridal fashion designers of today are willing to create and recreate their dresses following the inspirational glamorous antique or vintage style. And they do this because the number of brides today who decide to opt for a sophisticated and artistically inspired wedding gown is constantly increasing. Almost any designer has at least one or two pieces made especially for the contemporary bride who dreams of a fabulous and chic vintage themed wedding. We are now looking forward to hear from you regarding these highly expressive and ravishing modern-vintage wedding dresses here hopefully you will be able to choose something adequate for your own wear and wedding.

Modern-Vintage Wedding Dresses

Modern-Vintage Wedding Dress from

We must say that we never thought that an old century inspired wedding dress can look so attractive, magnificent and high class. But this designer managed to obtain this perfect look by simply combining the old with the new style and elements, giving birth to the most sensual, feminine and stunning light-weight delicate wedding gowns!

Modern-Vintage Wedding Dresses

Modern-Vintage Wedding Dress from

Using the new techniques and methods of working the fabrics, the textures and the embroideries has been a great help to this designer who succeeded in creating such inspiring, fashionable and voguish old fashion dresses. We invite you to browse for more beautiful and precious looking vintage style wedding dresses made by various designers on our website in order to be able to compare and choose the style that better fits your personality, your body shape and the type of wedding you’re planning. These fascinating modern-vintage wedding dresses here can be worn on both casual and formal ceremonies and receptions, although the fluid lines, the light-weight fabrics and the sensual nonchalant silhouettes require a more casual, cozy and relaxing wedding venue.1

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