Modern-Day Wedding Bouquets

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All brides of today are seeking for the ideal wedding look. Not all manage to find what they need in time for the big day because they start the planning too late. We all know how women get when it comes to selecting the best wedding dress, the right wedding shoes, the most attractive hairstyle and the most suitable wedding bouquet. And these only a few of the most important aspects a woman has to consider for her wedding, not to mention the rest of the details that usually take very long to figure them out.

Those who are more pretentious should take the time to organize each little thing in part. We suggest you start the planning with at least a year before the wedding so that you can find all you need for the perfect look. The wedding item we are going to talk about in this article is the wedding bouquet. There are so many ways to follow for obtaining a fresh, funky and original arrangement that it will definitely need extra time, energy, money and thinking from your part.

Bridal Shower Bride To Be Button (Source:

Modern-Day Wedding Bouquets (Source:

Don’t rush into making a hasty decision that you will feel sorry for afterwards. Make sure that you study and examine all the possibilities you have. It’s important to coordinate the colors, the flowers and the texture of the bouquet with your gown and the theme of the wedding. Use the same color palette you used for the ceremony and reception arrangements so that you can obtain a unified look. Coherency is the key when it comes to planning the flowers & colors for the wedding. Make sure everything is assorted and well clotted.

Bridal Shower Bride To Be Button (Source:

Modern-Day Wedding Bouquets (Source:

We brought a few unique bouquet designs to show to modern brides who want something distinctively beautiful for their ceremony. We start our presentation with a brightly colored arrangement, created exclusively for those who want something cheerful rather than strictly formal for their wedding. The vibrancy of this bouquet can add more brightness to the bride’s face and make her more approachable and fresh-looking.

Bridal Shower Bride To Be Button (Source:

Modern-Day Wedding Bouquets (Source:

We love the red and fuchsia color-scheme used here. Florists incorporated sweet peas, peonies and a few angel grass stems to add a spiky look. The bouquet is finished with a grosgrain ribbon in black and white that adds a luxurious French look. The second proposal is for brides who are going for a white themed wedding with a color twist. This bouquet is composed of white peonies and anemones, where the red ribbon used for the wrapping adds a contemporary contrasting vibe.


Bridal Shower Bride To Be Button (Source:

Modern-Day Wedding Bouquets (Source:

Brides who love purple can opt for the third bouquet on this page, composed of eggplant calla lilies and fringed tulips, accented with dusty miller leaves and green hypericum berries. Its dark tonality adds a whimsy modern flair to it. Want something eclectic? Get inspired from the last bouquet. This is a sculptural bouquet, arranged from succulents, lotus pods, craspedia, chrysanthemums, pincushion flowers, anemones, rice flowers and dusty miller leaves.


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