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This post is for brides who want a romantic summertime wedding. We have a few beautiful gown proposals for you, based on La Sposa brand. This couturier is one of our many favorites, and these dresses are for certain some of the most charming we’ve seen in their portfolio.

In case you are curious to learn more about these items, check out the website of La Sposa and look for the 2012 spring/summer Ad Campaign Collection. We picked the most attractive models for this article, but there are more to be seen in there. So, if you liked these gowns or if you’re just curious to see more, don’t hesitate to enter their webpage.

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

This Spanish designer has many unique options for the modern and classic bride. We adore this collection because it is based on traditional silhouettes and large skirts. The form-fitted bodices and the majestic design used for the skirts are ravishing. This fit and flare style is one of the most beautiful and popular. Many designers are using it because it is one of the most successful.

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

The A-line cut is for certain one of the most versatile type of silhouette a bride can choose for her wedding gown. It doesn’t matter whether you are a young bride or an older woman, whether you are taller or petite, slim or more corpulent. Even those who are not quite pleased with their body shape can look stunning in an A-line model.

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

Now, this style can be classic or more modern. The contemporary versions are based on modified A-line shapes. This means that the skirt follows a siren style at the bottom. This silhouette is tightly molded on the body until the knees and then it goes evasive. We adore all La Sposa collections because they are full of original and charming designs. Although most of their silhouettes are inspired by the traditional classic cut, the details make all the difference.

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

There is always something inedited in their dresses to admire. The fabrics are exceptional too. Take a closer look at these models and see how delightful the sheer overlays are! The skirts are flowy and the textures are pure expressions of romance. We love this combination between drama and femininity. The cut is ample and the silhouette very generous, while the fibers and the details very soft and refined.

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

June Bride (Source: fashionbride.files.wordpress.com)

 The wide skirts, the square and V necklines, the final touches and the flattering veils compose elevated silhouettes fit for a 2012 bride. The photo shoot made for this bridal line is also breathtaking! The natural landscape and the flowered decors emphasize even more the romantic vibe of these gowns. Despite their lavishness and formality, these dresses seem to work fine for outdoors affairs too! The material used for the skirts is lightweight and this is why the volume is practical and easy to wear. Among other fabrics used for this collection we mention: Torino taffeta, rebrode lace, tulle, real satin and gemstone embroidery. Which of these sumptuous gowns you would choose for your wedding?


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