July Wedding Ideas

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There is no wonder why summer is the most popular season for weddings. The sun is bright, the colors are vibrant, the nature is in full bloom and the grass is green. What more could one want for his wedding? The gorgeous landscapes available out there can make the perfect backdrops for different types of ceremonies and parties! More and more couples of today discover the beauty of the nature and decide to go for the alfresco style instead of the fancy and fussy indoors wedding. This is good news because an outdoors celebration has more to offer for the guests in particular.

You can play games, like lawn games, hang balloons, festive garlands and other pom-poms from trees and create your favorite floral arch for the ceremony. There are many beautiful things to create for an outdoors summer wedding. And the best way to achieve the décor of your dreams is to follow the nature. Look for the flowers available in the month of your wedding and then follow the same recommendation for colors, greenery, fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t have to be an eco-friendly wedding, but something fresh and organic would definitely flatter your guests. One of the most popular and beautiful months for summer weddings is July.

July Wedding Ideas (Source: english-wedding.com)

July Wedding Ideas (Source: english-wedding.com)

The warm weather and the magical natural landscapes can determine even the most pretentious couple to choose this month for their wedding. It’s never easy though to choose the best theme for a summer time wedding. There are so many beautiful ideas that could fit right within this season, that you might not be able to select something appropriate and original in time for the wedding. Start the planning early enough to make sure everything will be ready for the big date. The themes that are promoted nowadays for weddings can be adjusted to fit your personal vision and the formality of your wedding. Our first recommendation is an English Garden themed wedding.

July Wedding Ideas (Source: english-wedding.com)

July Wedding Ideas (Source: english-wedding.com)

This style is very elegant and attractive and it can fit perfectly well a delicate and romantic couple. This theme is sweet and you can even plan an English tea party for your guests. When using a theme like this, it would be wise to take advantage of the flowers that are in bloom at that time. A flowered wedding can flatter even the most bored guests. You can opt for a brunch of afternoon wedding and use finger foods for a tea party. Another special theme to adopt when planning a summer wedding is the 4th of July theme. The patriotic style is beautiful and is worth exploited by those who love these sorts of things. You can use a red, white and blue color-scheme and bring a band to play patriotic songs. Keep it fun, cheerful, vintage and romantic in the same time. A beach theme is also ideal for an outdoors July wedding. Use a big tent to create a magical space only for you and your guests in your own way or in a Hawaiian style.


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