Ideas On Church Wedding Decorations

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Getting married in church is surely the most emotional experience of the entire day. The couple is now taking their love in front of God, hoping to receive His blessings for a good life and a beautiful future. There is nothing more important for some people than saying their vows, exchanging the rings and receiving the blessings of the church for their marriage. This should bring them a life full of prosperity, children and health. The most difficult thing is to plan the setting for the ceremony.

Churches can be decorated in a more or less sophisticated way. It depends how much money you are willing to invest and how you envision this precious moment. The religious ceremony has a big significance in the life of the bride and groom and their family and this is why they might want something truly special for the décor. Modern couples want to create a distinguished setting for their ceremony and a unique atmosphere for the guests. The church ceremony should be unforgettable for the pair and their invitees. There are many ways to decorate a church, even if you are an economical couple. If you only have money for the pews, you can find a clever way to adorn them for a beautiful visual effect.

Ideas On Church Wedding Decorations

Ideas On Church Wedding Decorations (Photo by: Eusebius@Commons)

The church’s décor must fit your wedding theme and style. But before selecting anything, we suggest you find out if you are allowed to implement your plans. Some churches are more strict and restrictive at this point. They might not offer you total freedom in decorating the place. Keeping in mind the rules of the church is essential for a successful decoration. This is actually among the most important things to speak with the clergy. You should take a trip to the church are ask the secretary about the rules they have for decoration. As we said before, there are many religious institutions that have clear rules about particular things that a couple cannot use in the décor. And unlike others, these rules are not made to be broken! The contrary, they were made as a sign of respect towards the church and its program.

Ideas On Church Wedding Decorations

Ideas On Church Wedding Decorations (Photo by: Amanda Truss)

No one should get too elaborated when it comes to the wedding church décor and damages the place. The most common rules for church decorations include the following restrictions: of candles, confetti, fireworks, outdoors items, like birdseeds, affixing techniques for different decorations, etc. You also need to read the clean-up instructions and find out what types of flowers you are allowed to use: real or faux. Ask how to make the pew, altar and balcony decorations and how to stick them. You may be allowed to decorate the entrance of the church and the doorway. Use directional signs to guide your guests if the church is difficult to track, like luminaries. Use vinyl stickers with your initials for a more modern décor for the church doors. Place big flower plants or trees at the entrance for a more seasonal look. Flank the doors with miniature evergreens for a more elegant and inviting setting.


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