How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

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Although the wedding day is fleeting, the couple has the opportunity to immortalize the event in their hearts and in pictures! The bride can save many of the items she used in her wedding, like the wedding bouquet and the wedding dress. These items will remind her of her big day for the rest of her life. This is why many brides choose to preserve them after the wedding. The flower bouquet can be preserved in many ways, depending on your budget and technique you like.

The wedding dress on the other hand can also be stored in proper condition for many years to come by simply following a few steps. It’s every bride’s dream to marry in a white superb wedding dress that can be kept as a wedding souvenir afterwards. But how do you maintain a wedding dress in immaculate condition? Well, with the right tools anyone can obtain beautiful results. There are many techniques in this sense you can choose from. Preserving your wedding dress means keeping it in perfect condition, so that you can wear it again at a special wedding anniversary or to pass it on to your daughter. As you can see, you have many benefits from storing your wedding dress, especially if it’s an expensive gown.

How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress (Photo by: Eduardo Pavon)

Those who have worn a couture dress at their wedding are likely more interested in methods of storage. Saving the dress will protect your investment. Besides this, will help you save many beautiful and sweet memories on the wedding day. Inform yourself in this field ahead to make sure that you know what to do before the wedding and honeymoon. Many brides know that they have to take clean their dress. You may be able to find dry cleaners that offer a preservation service for your wedding dress. But if you want to do this professionally, take your dress to a specialized place. Experts in field know how to clean and save your dress for decades. DIY brides can follow their own methods. You should be able to use preservation kits and supplies online to do this. But you should know that proper preservation needs proper storage. This includes packing the dress correctly in a bag or box.

How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress (Photo by: John Hope)

The dress must be kept from dust, insects and other possible damages. Any woman could use some tips at this point. So, here are a few things you can do before taking the dress to an expert. Your dress must be professionally cleaned. This is the first aspect to solve. Make sure that the stains and dirt is off, otherwise they can become permanent. A professionally dry cleaner with know what chemicals to use to keep the fabric in good condition. Don’t use plastic to store the dress because it can damage it. If you’re using a cardboard box you should know that it needs to be replaced every five years. To protect your dress, wrap it in white acid-free tissue paper before you pack it. The gown must be kept in a cool, dry place, such as in your closet.


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