How To Pose A Bride

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Posing for your wedding photos, especially when you are interested in obtaining gorgeous bridal portraits can be stressful and unnerving. That’s why paying attention to your photographer’s instructions is important if you want to successfully survive this unique experience. Here are just a few important tips and advices that any bride should take into consideration when posing for her bridal portraits.

How To Pose A Bride

How To Pose A Bride (Photo by: cheriejoyful)

Firstly, any bride should keep in mind that it isn’t necessary to smile all the time in order to obtain great wedding photos. It may sound strange, but it’s quite true. You can easily notice that when a bride smiles, her cheeks get wider and her eyes squinty. That’s why it’s very important to make sure you relax your facial muscles so that you can look slender and natural. If your facial muscles don’t relax your cheeks will look like they’ve been frozen in a less genuine smile.

Secondly, everybody knows that a woman’s body is all about curves and every body is unique. That’s why, sometimes, photographers ask the bride to improve her body shape by twisting it. For instance, if you stay in front of a mirror and turn your pelvis to the right while twisting your shoulder to the left you will obtain an outstanding photo pose. You will also notice that this pose can help you accentuate your waistline and narrow your knees at the same time. The definition of the hourglass figure is actually given by this pose.

Another good advice that any bride should remember when posing for her bridal portraits is to keep your arms away from your waistline. By doing this, you will be able to avoid adding extra inches to your silhouette and your waist. Usually, professional photographers tell their brides to create the so called “window” which involves preventing the arms from touching the sides of the body. If you are interested in such a beautiful bridal portrait you should practice in front of a mirror and notice the difference between keeping your arms near your waist and body and making that so called “window”.

You should also make sure you keep your chin up in order to avoid ruining a good picture. Because brides are sometimes nervous or shy when they pose for their bridal portraits they tend to lower their chin when the photographer takes the picture. This instinctive reflex favors creating a double chin which is quite unpleasant in a bridal portrait. So, keep your chin up and relax as much as possible if you want the pose to be elegant and flattering.

How To Pose A Bride

How To Pose A Bride (Photo by: Suzie Tremmel)

All of the tips and advices mentioned above are quite important when posing for your bridal portraits, but most important remains remembering to have fun during the shoot. You should try to relax and enjoy the moment as the fun experience it is. You should even ask your mother or maid of honor to join you if you think that this will make you feel more comfortable while posing. When the photographer starts taking photos it’s time to forget about all those butterflies and simply have fun.


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