Hot Yellow Wedding Bouquets

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This article is for the modern brides who are planning a more cheerful wedding ceremony and need to obtain a bright chic look. The theme is the aspect that can help a bride look more approachable, luminous and happy! And we can’t think of a better color to propose in this case than yellow! This nuance is among the brightest and the most vivacious of all and it is surely able to offer the bride the vibrant look she desires.

Incorporating such a powerful and strident color in your look can be a delicate thing to do. So we recommend you to use yellow colored flowers and accessories for your bouquet. A yellow wedding bouquet will lighten up your face and provide you with a fresh natural look. The yellow theme fits perfectly the hot summertime weddings and the fall season ceremonies. It all depends however on the exact type of yellow you guys decide to use.

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses (Source:

Hot Yellow Wedding Bouquets (Source:

The softer shades are fitted for spring and winter weddings, while the bold or darker tones are more fitted for summer and fall affairs. Anyway, there are no stoned rules or etiquettes to follow in this regard. You are free to use any type of yellow you like, as long as it fits the formality, the theme and venue of the wedding. You can even create unique mixes between pastel and more vibrant tones and obtain a diversified or exotic arrangement – which would be perfect for destination weddings. The buttercup and bright yellows are the trendiest ones.

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses (Source:

Hot Yellow Wedding Bouquets (Source:

 But let’s take a look at these ravishingly beautiful yellow wedding bouquets we brought here! The first bridal arrangement features a modern mix of diverse tropical flowers, like: cymbidium orchids, hydrangeas, alostromerias, leucadendrons, freesias, craspediasa nd parrot leaves. The arrangement is accented with bruni berries, dusty miller and succulents. The bouquet features a yellow & green color-scheme and it is also accented here and there with a few white and gray splashes. This one costs $175 and it was created by Tulip.

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses (Source:

Hot Yellow Wedding Bouquets (Source:

The second yellow bouquet is composed of finesse roses, narcissuses, rem tulips, feverfews and caipirinhna roses. The arrangement costs $235 and it was made by Blossoms Atlanta. The orange tulips add a bold color touch to the arrangement and it makes it an ideal choice for destination or eccentric wedding ceremonies. Moving on, we find another yellow and green accented bouquet created for a hot summer ceremony. The arrangement contains stems of conga roses, freesias, ranunculuses, cymbidium orchids, pincushion proteas, echeverias, craspedias and berzelia berries. The price of this bridal bouquet is $225 and is signed by Special Arrangements.

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses (Source:

Hot Yellow Wedding Bouquets (Source:

Our ultimate proposal for this article is a garden-inspired bouquet created of garden roses, nigella pods, scabiosa and snowberries. The purple basil stems add a touch of sensuality, elegance and uniqueness to the entire arrangement. In case you want this wedding bouquet, you should know that it is an Emily Thompson Flowers creation and it can cost you $175.


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