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No bride wants to look anything less than beautiful on her wedding day, so if that’s your goal you should do all you can in order to make sure every centimeter of your skin is ready for the event. As the wedding approaches it’s time to leave worries aside and focus on yourself and your rest more than ever. Here are a few steps that will help you be on your wedding day a beautiful bride.

Hot Bride

Hot Bride (Photo by: Costin Thampikutty)

You should start by taking better care of your skin. This is a decision that you should take with months in advance of the happy event. You will need a skin cleanser that works for your type of skin, a body moisturizer that you will have to use after each bath in order to keep your skin smooth and something that works great for exfoliating your type of skin. It’s also important to never go to sleep while still wearing makeup. If the budget allows you, you should also go to a professional spa for a facial and a massage. If not you should simply consider one of the home remedies that lead to just as successful results. In addition, they are 100 percent natural so they are unlikely to hurt your skin. For instance, you should consider using orange juice which will work its magic on your face as long as you apply it daily for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes pass you will simply have to wash away the juice using warm water.

If you want to be a beautiful bride you also need to take care of your lips. Chapped lips are not wedding-appropriate, so drink lots of water in order to make sure they stay hydrated. To soften them even further you should use healing ointment and protect them if you decide to sunbath before the wedding. I also advise you to pay attention to the makeup you choose for the lips. On a bright day like your wedding day you should stay away from dark colors and opt instead for warmer shades that compliment your skin tone.  

The hair is another important part of your wedding look, so it requires just as much care. The grooming should start with at least 15 days before the event and should involve a diet rich in vitamins so that your hair is prone to naturally shine. Home treatments for hair and spa treatments also help, especially if you are dealing with dull hair. Don’t forget to also schedule an appointment with your favorite hairstylist in order to have plenty of time to discuss the type of look you are interested in.

Hot Bride

Hot Bride (Photo by: kate hiscock)

My last advice is to not forget about your hands. Just like your hair, your skin and your dress they are one of the stars of the event because they will get to wear for the first time an important symbol of marriage: the wedding ring. So, make sure they stay smooth and get a manicure just in time for the wedding. You should also carefully choose the color of your nail polish.


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