Hairstyle Ideas For The Mother Of The Bride

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The mother of the blushing bride plays a fundamental part in the wedding ceremony and reception. Your hairdo should be chic and stylish without being too adorned. Look for hairstyles that harmonize with the rest of your attire and of course personality. Something mature and chic is something to consider.

A chignon  is a simple yet sophisticated hairstyle which can be created for a formal or even informal wedding. Such a hairdo pairs well with any type of dress neckline and can be worn on one side or in other versatile styles.

Hairstyle Ideas For The Mother Of The Bride

Hairstyle Ideas For The Mother Of The Bride (Photo by: Victoria)

If your whole daughter’s wedding is a casual event among friends and family, don’t stress too much about your hairdo. Go for something really laid-back with a very feminine appeal. You could simply choose a polished version of your everyday hairstyle, or simply give your hair some texture and volume by using the right products. This can even be done at home without having to recur to a professional hairstylist. If you don’t have time to honor your appointment, decide to do your own hairdo at home. If you know your way with the flat iron and a brush, take charge and create a soft and alluring hairdo. A half-updo style is a great choice for either formal or informal receptions. This particular look is part formal, part casual. So what better way to get the best out of both worlds than by recreating a classy half-up hairstyle? Secure your hair by using bobby pins and some shinning serum for a lovely finishing touch.

You can also go for a French twist which is an easy style to adopt. All you have to do is twist the ends of your hair and then pin it up along the back of your head. Dress it up with pearls or even flower details. This is a great detail to add, especially if you’re celebrating a summer wedding or beach reception. Another natural and effortless style you can adopt is the soft curl look. Leave some curly loose ends down or pin them loosely back for that carefree vibe. Remember that dainty hair accessories like barrettes, or colored hairpins can make a difference. You will need to match the colors of your hair accessories with the wedding colors. You can also wear elegant hats which are appropriate for a late summer wedding or even fall ones.

They can have flower details or big bows on the side. Of course with such a big accessory, your hairstyle won’t be noticeable until you remove the hat. So better opt for s smaller hat version worn on the side with a low elegant bun. There are endless styles, however not all are suitable for you. Find the one that matches your face shape, your taste and your hair type. Having these criterions in mind when browsing any hairstyle magazines will make it easier for you to pick one. You don’t have to go for what’s new and modern in terms of hairstyles, because it might not be to your liking. After all, trends come and go, only style remains the same.

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