Grey Mother Of The Bride Dresses

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Modern mothers are not willing to settle for less when it comes to the outfit they’re intending on wearing at their daughter’s wedding. And this is because they have high standards and a more pretentious style they want to fulfill. There are big differences between the modern woman and the traditional woman who usually wants something safer and more classic.

No one says that you should give up the classy look. The contrary, our designers advise the contemporary mom to opt for something a little bit more versatile, that’s all. Try something more eclectic and see how attractive you will look! This style is ideal for women with a complex personality who like different designs and themes and can’t make up their minds on which one to choose. The versatile gowns available today for this type of wear can provide a young and mature woman with everything she needs: comfort, understated elegance, drama, femininity, romanticism and uniqueness.

Grey Mother Of The Brides Dresses (Source:

Grey Mother Of The Brides Dresses (Source:

The models designed today combine the best elements of the old and new, of the simple and sophisticated and so on. All the contraries that cause you dilemmas are joined in these new outfits. To give you a few concrete examples in this sense, we brought some of the most elegant models from Jaego. This is one of the newest brands appeared in the last period in the mother of the bride and mother of the groom dress industry.

Grey Mother Of The Brides Dresses (Source:

Grey Mother Of The Brides Dresses (Source:

This couturier also creates beautiful designs for special occasions. Their creations are based in London. The team of designers and dressmakers who work for this company are very experienced and also devoted to their work. Their passion and love for creating unique versatile frocks is reflected in the collections they produce. They offer the highest quality and standard through the use of luxurious fabrics and fine elements of Haute Couture. 

Grey Mother Of The Brides Dresses (Source:

Grey Mother Of The Brides Dresses (Source:

The shiny silk is the most predominant type of fabric in their lines. This material is lustrous, glimmering and slippery. It can offer a woman the perfect luxurious silhouette she’s been dreaming for a long time now. You can’t afford to look ordinary or predictable at the wedding but eye-catchy and unique. The dress you’re choosing has to feature some attractive element of distinction to make the difference and help you stand out in a crowd. And color is perhaps one of these factors that can captivate the attention of the public and have them recognize you.

Grey Mother Of The Brides Dresses (Source:

Grey Mother Of The Brides Dresses (Source:

We picked the grey nuance for today, or more precisely said the silver hue. This color is one of the trendiest used nowadays for this field. We see that more and more moms of today decide to go for this luscious nuance for their wedding look and wear a sleek model. This shade can be found in soft or darker nuances and it can suit perfectly well fancy indoors receptions. But we’ve seen the grey and the silver worn before in alfresco weddings too. It all depends on the formality and etiquettes practiced by the bride. Take her advice on this!


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