Green and Blue Wedding Flowers

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In case you are planning a more vibrant and playful wedding during the spring or the summer seasons perhaps these gorgeous green and blue wedding flower bouquet pictures presented below on this page will make a fabulous choice or source of inspiration! We think that these two colors can give birth to a very sensual, modern, chic and fashionable arrangement, where colored themes are very voguish these days.

You should not worry that your wedding is going to look a bit too inappropriate or strident, because both the blue and the green shades can be found in lovely paste and neutral nuances that can work excellent for soft and classy wedding receptions as well. We are convinced that you will be able to find lots of color charts where you can examine closely more combinations that look appealing and soft on the eye between these two charming shades. The green color is here to bring more cheerfulness, energy, vitality and naturalness, while the sensual blue color is meant to add more refinement, femininity, delicacy and romance. We suggest you to use one shade in a dynamic hue and another one is a pastel delicate hue in order to obtain a non-strident color scheme.

When it comes to modern flower arrangements, green and blue themes are quite hot and trendy and this is perhaps one of the many reasons why one should choose it for their own wedding. There aren’t too many real and natural assortments that can be found in the blue or the green shades, but the existing ones can help any bride plan a fantastic arrangement, depending on the exact type of formality, season and location of the wedding. For example, if the big event is going to have a more formal, dramatic or simply elegant and classy character, perhaps you can use roses.

These traditional flowers can be found in both green and blue shades. Those of you who are planning a modern reception can use orchids. There is a very nice and flattering rare type of turquoise orchid that can be found out there which we think will look absolutely stunning and mesmerizing in combination with the green cymbidium orchids. Other types of flowers that can be found in blue are delphiniums, carnations, hydrangeas, irises, lilacs, lavenders, tulips or gerbera daises. As for the green part of the green and blue wedding flower arrangement, you can also use hydrangeas, carnations, asters or spider mums. It all depends on the exact type of formality you’re planning for the wedding.

However, we recommend you to use the green and blue wedding flower bouquets in loose and simplistic arrangements because these two colors look at their best when arranged naturally. If you’re planning on using this theme for composing your bridal bouquet as well, you can always opt for a pretty nosegay or posy style green and blue wedding flower arrangement. Perhaps a kissing ball or a pomander type of bouquet can also make a wonderful bouquet design choice for funky and playful brides who are planning a charming casual and natural wedding.1

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