Gowns For The Second Time Bride

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When we think of the woman who is getting married for the second time there are a few attributes that come to our mind: simplicity, maturity and elegance of style. There are no more games and tricks when you’re older. However, not all encore brides are of age. There are cases when a girl gets married at a pretty young age and then she gets a divorce.

Not after long she decides to get married again but she is still in her thirties. But most second-time brides have passed their youth. Many women simply decide to get married later in life, when they feel more secure, more confident and ready to make this big step. This is why the dress style for the encore bride can differ from case to case. There is never a proper definition of this style or an etiquette that can be generalized or applied to all cases.

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: bayliy.com)

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: bayliy.com)

Each woman has her own vision or image of how she must look at her wedding. The beauty of a wedding dress is always a subjective matter. However, there are a few common characteristics of the mature or second-time bridal wear. Those who are getting married for the second time usually prefer something rather simple and clean than pompous and bold.

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

The fluffy ball gowns and princess looks are not for mature brides. But this is not a stoned rule. There are still many ladies out there who still dream of the romantic fairy-tale type of wedding. If you haven’t got the chance to plan the sophisticated wedding the first time, perhaps you should like to try it now. In this case, you will surely prefer something more extravagant and original.

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: ctw.brides365.com)

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: ctw.brides365.com)

But those who have experienced the ball gown look already might want something simpler and more casual or just easy-going. The comfort factor is decisive when we’re talking about the mature bridal wear. It’s very important that the design of the dress flatters your silhouette but also provides you with freedom to breathe, move, dance and have a good time at the party.

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: media.social.s-msn.com)

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: media.social.s-msn.com)

We personally like the second-time brides who are even more passionate and excited about their weddings and the rest of the fashion & beauty moments involved in it. This category of brides usually goes for the sophisticated, wise and versatile look. No more fluff and girlish details for the second time bride. Anyway, the matronly or mumsy look is no longer in trend for encore brides. However, the gowns promoted for this field showcase more and more beautiful models with sleeves.

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: wardrobeshop.com)

Gowns For Second Time Bride (Source: wardrobeshop.com)

Nevertheless, this sleeved style was updated to fit the new preferences and expectations of the modern encore bride. This is why we can find lots of lace and sheer sleeve designs. You can choose from short or ¾ length sleeves – both of them looking trendy and elegant. We like the models with open or low cut backs that display an elegant type of sexiness fit for a mature bride.


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