Gothic Wedding Flower Centerpieces

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This article is dedicated to brides and grooms who are planning a more unusual type of wedding with a less popular theme. As you can see from the images below, these Gothic wedding flower centerpieces look stunning, impressive and totally original, and we think that many of you will find these arrangements beautiful and suitable for any modern dark themed wedding.

We must admit that we also enjoy looking at these pictures and we believe that these superb arrangements here are not only for contemporary couples who are planning a Gothic inspired wedding but also for brides and grooms who are thinking of a spectacular Halloween themed wedding or of a punk rock wedding! The choices are multiple, as well as the color combinations that can be made fro obtaining a more vibrant and eye-catchy wedding décor. The predominant types of color palettes that are usually chosen or used for Gothic wedding flower centerpieces and other dark themed weddings are the vivacious orange palettes, the whimsical purple palettes, the romantic dark red palettes and the black nuances.

Gothic Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Gothic Wedding Flower Centerpieces from

We also recommend the green, the yellow and the metallic palettes that can add even more glamor, exquisiteness and sophistication to the wedding. The gold, silver, bronze and metallic blues are also superb nuances or hues that can work stunningly well for these types of weddings. Black and white themes are also popular. It all depends on how formal, casual, natural or ample the wedding is going to be. Those of you who are planning the wedding outdoors, in a beautiful garden or park, should definitely make the Gothic wedding flower centerpieces look more natural, simplistic and vibrant. You can combine various colors and obtain a more diversified and exotic effect.

Gothic Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Gothic Wedding Flower Centerpieces from

The combinations that are possible for colors and flowers are multiple and numberless. There are fancy Gothic themed weddings and simple natural Gothic weddings that look completely different from case to case. There are couples who prefer to plan it all in a more vibrant, vivacious and cheerful way should definitely use more dynamic and bold colors that can make it all look more energizing and dramatic. Those of you who wish to enjoy a more sophisticated, fancy and romantic Gothic themed wedding should plan the Gothic wedding flower centerpieces in a more attractive and elegant style. You can use various dazzling accessories and decorative items that can fit the theme, such as sparkling wires, candles, lanterns, pumpkins, branches, crystals, pearls and beading.

Gothic Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Gothic Wedding Flower Centerpieces from

Not all the flowers can work for these types of weddings and we have a few examples to give you in this regard. In general, the long stemmed assortments are more adequate for fancy and highly elegant whimsical weddings, where the calla lilies, the gladiolas, the orchids, roses and carnations are the most popular blooms used today. We also recommend you the playful gerbera daises, the rich dahlias, chrysanthemums and asters. Just make sure that the flowers you like and wish to use in your wedding décor arrangements are available in the season of the wedding.1

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