Glamorous Theme: Pink And Gold Wedding

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We found a delightful wedding project that we want to share with those who are still looking for unique ideas and themes to choose from or adopt for their big day. Planning a successful wedding today is really not that difficult as it was a few centuries ago when the palette of choices was so limited and unflattering. Nowadays, designers & florists are making the impossible become a reality, and a very sweet one! Like this theme we’re presenting here: pink and gold! Who would have thought that these tow nuances can look so good together? When scoring for perfect themes and inedited color-palettes for weddings, brides and grooms have to take into consideration all the aspects involved in their wedding, such as the formality, the season and the location.

Nevertheless, there are many cases when the process is quite the opposite. It happens often that couples spot a beautiful theme and pick it for their wedding and only afterwards they decide to set the formality and the rest of the coordinates of the event according to it. This is not a bad idea at all, because it allows the brides and grooms to get even more creative and careful with the details now that they’ve found a theme that they resonate with completely!

Italian Wedding Favors (Source:

Glamorous Theme: Pink and Gold Wedding (Source:

The pink & gold theme is an ideal mix for couples who don’t want something dull, standard or easy to predict for their wedding. Those who want a dreamy reception planned with an attractive and flirty color-scheme will surely find this wedding project perfect for their case. The romanticism of pink and the dazzle of gold make this combination a vibrant one for fall and winter affairs.

Italian Wedding Favors (Source:

Glamorous Theme: Pink and Gold Wedding (Source:

However, the sweetness, the delicacy and finesse of this theme can also fit an English garden inspired wedding planned somewhere outside the doors, in the middle of the nature. Its fancy appearance doesn’t stop a couple from using it for a cozier and comfortable wedding outdoors! You can take this theme to a vineyard, greenhouse, gazebo or botanical garden wedding and obtain a spectacular look!

Italian Wedding Favors (Source:

Glamorous Theme: Pink and Gold Wedding (Source:

There are so many things you can do with these tow soft luscious colors! The wedding cake in the first picture is both feminine and dramatic. We adore the abstract floral pattern made for the tiers and the sweet gold-hued camellia flower used as a fancy topper. The pinkish tiers are made of fondant and the artsy-like embroideries are made of royal icing. The pattern looks so rich and textured and this is because the relief was rubbed with edible pearl dust. The gold luster adds a glittering finish to it.

Italian Wedding Favors (Source:

Glamorous Theme: Pink and Gold Wedding (Source:

For the tablescape you can use tones of shell pinks, misty rose, cherry-blossom pinks or cotton-candy pinks in combination with different shimmering golds and obtain an exuberant and elegant effect. Nostalgic, whimsy and savory, this color-scheme is one of the most expressive and original we’ve seen so far! The golden hues add the perfect sparkle a wedding requires!


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