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Weddings today are such beautiful events that we can’t imagine the modern bride wearing a plain wedding dress or a dull wedding ring. Current trends are based on a lot of uniqueness and elegance. The contemporary bride is finally ready and willing to adopt a different look for her wedding, one among the many gorgeous styles promoted nowadays. Our wedding designers and stylists are becoming more and more talented in their field and we are very happy to see that they are willing to use their imagination and skills to create only original items and creations for the modern pretentious bride. Everything starts with an engagement ring.

 This item is the first and only jewel expected by a woman from her partner. Everything that a man offers a woman is irrelevant compared to the big ring. Women are very impatient and eager to receive the gorgeous ring and the big question. They dream of it even long before their partners decide to propose them to marriage. The engagement ring is more personal than the wedding, or at least this is how they’re supposed to be. The wedding ring is rather formal and more standard, while the engagement ring can be made of a less formal type of metal and a less expensive type of stone. Nevertheless, the groom is free to offer his fiancé a ring that can cost thousands of dollars! They say that the love of your future husband can be measured in the price of the wedding ring.

Gemstone Engagement Rings (Source:

Gemstone Engagement Rings (Source:

Believe it or not, many couples have financial issues that can’t allow them to purchase something very expensive and glamorous for their future wives. So you should not calculate the love of your betrothed according to the carat of your diamond ring. In big trend today are gemstone engagement rings. These types of jewels can make gorgeous alternatives to the classic diamond engagement rings. Besides this, they are more affordable and easy to purchase by those who are on a small budget. We adore gemstone rings because they look extraordinarily attractive and sparkling.

Gemstone Engagement Rings (Source:

Gemstone Engagement Rings (Source:

The color of the stone, the meanings assigned to each birthstone in part and the way they suit a yellow gold or platinum metal are worth taken into consideration by anyone who cares for something inexpensive and eye-catchy. Gemstone engagement rings are spectacular from all points of view. Some brides like gemstones because of their vibrancy, while others prefer them for their symbolism. Among the most popular and trendy gemstones used in engagement and wedding rings we mention: rubies, emeralds, amethysts, sapphires, pearls, tanzanite, turquoise, topaz and tourmaline.

Gemstone Engagement Rings (Source:

Gemstone Engagement Rings (Source:

If you are an independent woman with a special sensibility for the unconventional fashion, then these types of rings are surely the ones you should browse through in search of your ideal ring. Diamond engagement rings can look really pale in contrast to the vivid and shimmering colored gemstones. To some brides, diamond rings are just too traditional or too popular for their personality. Check out these amazing gemstone engagement rings!


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