Gazebo Wedding Ideas

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Couples who want to exchange their vows in a more romantic and natural place can choose a gazebo venue. These types of locations are growing in popularity nowadays when our brides and grooms are looking for unique places where they can have an intimate, personal and commodious wedding. Gazebos are ideal for ceremonies, but a bigger location can also fit a small reception party. This sweet place sets the perfect romantic tone for a wedding and for an emotional statement of love. The picturesque nature of a place like this can offer the couple and their guest a memorable experience to cherish for the rest of their lives.

There are many ways in which you can add even more beauty to a gazebo, by decorating it with your favorite flowers, fabrics and symbols. This venue is able to reflect a couple’s personality and create a more inviting, warm and special atmosphere for the wedding attendants. Gazebo constructions provide with a beautiful natural setting that doesn’t need much ornamentation though. But those who want to make it all look even more personalized and unique can add a few extra things of their own. An outdoor location allows a couple to use more of their favorite items and accessories to dress up the space according to their own vision.

Gazebo Wedding Las Vegas (Source:

Gazebo Wedding Las Vegas (Source:

The flowers are the highlight of a gazebo wedding. You can use anything seasonal to enhance the beauty of the surrounding nature. Flowers will make this venue look even more thematic and romantic. The wedding participants will be able to see through the gazebo the lovely outdoor setting in the background. Use a natural theme and incorporate large bouquets of fresh blooms. The colors should match the palette of the wedding party setting.

Gazebo Wedding Las Vegas (Source:

Gazebo Wedding Las Vegas (Source:

The columns of the gazebo can be adorned with blooms or hanging bouquets, mason jars, vases, pots or other unique recipients. Another beautiful idea to beautify the columns of the gazebo is to use fabric. Tulle and cotton are the most adequate textures to consider in this case. Wrap the fabric around the columns and add a few bows at the ends to obtain security and a more accessorized look. Or, if you prefer something more modern, use ribbons and bows.

Gazebo Wedding Las Vegas (Source:

Gazebo Wedding Las Vegas (Source:

Fabrics are great alternatives for those who want to add a romantic touch to an alfresco wedding. Lace is also special and it can suit a light and airy outdoors décor. If you want a more dramatic look, use velvet and satin. Create curtains and obtain a more spectacular entrance. Add more of the specific accents you’re planning on incorporating in the party. For instance, if you’re having a rustic wedding, use wheat, feathers, branches, twigs, etc. To dress up the gazebo in a more modern way you can use garlands. They can be made of paper or fresh blooms. Tulips, magnolias, garden roses, freesias, baby’s breath, these are only a few examples in this sense. Make sure you ask about all the things that you are allowed to do with the gazebo.


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