Food Ideas For A Memorable 2013 Wedding

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In order to make sure you are organizing a memorable wedding, you need to spend some time choosing the right wedding menu. You will have to consider different aspects while selecting delicious meals for your guests. For instance, you must not overlook the guests who are vegetarians or the pickier eaters. That’s why is very important to talk with your caterer about all these possibilities and ask him/her to be ready for all unexpected situations. It’s also good to know that in this 2013 wedding season, many couples are choosing both classic dinner menus and trendier foods. In addition, there are also couples preferring to organize food bars, intermezzos and memorable dessert tables. Moreover, even if sit down meals are still in vogue, buffets are gaining popularity as we speak. So, if you’re after an out of the ordinary wedding menu, you should pay attention to the following wedding meal ideas that can definitely blow your guests’ minds away.

As I mentioned above, intermezzos are pretty trendy this year. You are probably asking yourself what intermezzo means: it’s a small palate-cleanser, usually served before the main entrée. Commonly, intermezzos come as a scoop of sorbet, but this year it’s wiser and more exciting to serve granitas, which tend to replicate some of the most popular alcoholic drinks available. Your guests will definitely feel pleased to taste intermezzos or granitas featuring mint, lime or strawberry flavors.

Food Ideas For A Memorable 2013 Wedding

Food Ideas For A Memorable 2013 Wedding (Photo by: Alpha)

Honeymoon-inspired meals are another interesting food trend for 2013. So, depending on your honeymoon destination, you should consider serving local dishes. Your guests will definitely be impressed and excited to try new dishes from overseas and find out how your honeymoon experience will be. For example, if you are going to spend your honeymoon in Jamaica, you should not hesitate and include in your wedding menu dishes like jerk chicken and coconut milk ice cream.

If you want something different from a traditional sit-down dinner, organizing a food bar for your wedding reception is an excellent idea. As a result, you will provide your guests with the possibility to choose what they are eating. Your food buffet will definitely be a success if you include in the menu some mashed potatoes, fried bacon, shredded cheddar and chives. Another great idea is to opt for macaroni and cheese bars. Salad bars are also very popular choices among modern couples.

When it comes to desserts, you should definitely opt for a dessert bar because this solution is both more interesting and less expensive than multi-tiered cakes. By creating a dessert bar, you will also have the possibility to prevent common food allergies allowing your guests to choose from a variety of options, even if they are highly sensitivity to gluten or nuts and dairy. So, you should ask your caterer to display at your dessert bar cream puffs, petit fours, cannolis and truffles. You should also order some trays with unfrosted cupcakes and allow your guests to build their own cupcake by using frosting tubes filled with different flavors. Choosing a smaller wedding cake as part of the dessert bar is also a great idea. 

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