Flowers For Wedding Cakes

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Flowers are the most beautiful items you can use to decorate your wedding. They are versatile and so you can use them in just about anything! You can opt for a floral theme or simply incorporate them in the principal wedding items, like in wedding invitations, flower centerpieces, wedding hair, cake and favors. Flowers are romantic and cheerful and they can add more to the elegance and festive flair of the party. If you’re using real flowers, they will also bring more freshness and naturalness to the atmosphere.

Flowers relatively are cheap decorative items and you can always obtain good results when using them. So, if you don’t have a generous budget to work with, we recommend you to use your favorite blooms in the colors of the wedding. We promise you will obtain gorgeous results. You can definitely cut some of the wedding cake expenses if you decide to decorate it with fresh or artificial flowers.

Flowers For Wedding Cakes (Source:

Flowers For Wedding Cakes (Source:

Many couples choose to purchase a plain white cake from a local bakery and then adorn it at home with flowers, vines, leaves and other seasonal items you prefer. If you want something more impressive, use edible flowers. Many groceries sell pre-made edible decorations for wedding cakes and cookies. They won’t cost you very much! There are a few important things to consider when choosing the best wedding cake flowers. You should discuss with your baker and florist about the other food and floral arrangements you’re using in the wedding.

Flowers For Wedding Cakes (Source:

Flowers For Wedding Cakes (Source:

The flowers of the cake must match the food and also the table centerpieces. But the essential thing to remember when using fresh flowers for the cake is that not all flowers are recommended to touch the food. There are some toxic assortments that can cause harm to your guests. So you have two options: use safe fresh flowers that can be inserted directly in the cake or use a special support for the stems without allowing them to touch the layers. Make sure you get yourself informed about the blooms that are safe to use before deciding anything. Roses are the most popular flowers for weddings and they can definitely make ideal choices for cakes. You can plan the entire wedding based on roses and insert them in your bouquet, in the centerpieces and in the rest of the setting. One benefit of using roses is that you can select from a myriad of colors. Roses are available all year round and they are never too expensive.

Flowers For Wedding Cakes (Source:

Flowers For Wedding Cakes (Source:

There are many assortments to choose from, like small tea roses or lavisher blooms with frilly petals. Tulips are also ideal for your wedding cake decoration because they can add a very elegant and classy look to it. Tulips are also available in many colors and assortments. Freesias are other beautiful choices for a cake. They are great for spring and summer wedding cakes because they come in many white, yellow and fresh muted colors. These flowers are very fragrant, so be careful when inserting them in the cake.


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