Flowers for Outdoor Weddings

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Are you planning a beautiful wedding outside the doors and haven’t found yet the right types of flowers, colors and accessories to get it all started with? Well, we suppose you could use seeing these gorgeous floral arrangements that we picked for this article so that you can choose or get inspired from in composing your own wedding decorations.

We believe that the wedding receptions planned outdoors, in nature have many chances to make more inviting, romantic and flattering events for both the couples and wedding guests to enjoy. Now, it all depends on the exact type of wedding you’re planning or on the image each one of you has of the perfect wedding. While some of you might think that an indoors wedding can make a more elegant and fancy selection, others might feel that an outdoors reception can make a more delightful and cheerful event that the guests will appreciate and remember.

Flowers for Outdoor Weddings

Flowers for Outdoor Weddings from

Picking the most adequate types of flowers for outdoors weddings is always a difficult thing to do, no matter how decided one is in using this or that for the décor arrangements. Now that you can find so many creative ideas and examples of unique wedding flower arrangements that you can use for your own wedding we are convinced that you’ll soon end up feeling overwhelmed or at least confused with what and how to use for making your centerpieces and bouquets the most beautiful! For the nature inspired weddings specialists in field and florists recommend the soft petal types of flowers that look simple and delicate.

Flowers for Outdoor Weddings

Flowers for Outdoor Weddings from

We also recommend you to go for the seasonal types of flowers because of many reasons. First of all, if you decide to go for the flowers that are available in the season of your wedding you will surely find them at lower and reasonable prices. Those of you who want to plan a more exotic type of wedding should opt for the tropical flowers imported from different regions that can be more expensive. The second reason for why you should go for seasonal flowers is related to the fact that your arrangements will look more vibrant, fresh, colorful and natural! They will also spread a more enchanting fragrance of perfume, depending on the assortments you use.

Flowers for Outdoor Weddings

Flowers for Outdoor Weddings from

The spring time flowers are the ones that feature the most divine and concentrate perfume! You can use hyacinths, lilies of the valley, peonies or lilacs and obtain a gorgeous arrangement that you can use as your wedding bouquet or for the table centerpieces. If you add a few stems of Sweet Williams and myrtle you will be able to obtain a similar bouquet to the one worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding! Simple, discreet, elegant, chic and natural touch – this is how your floral arrangements must look like for outdoors weddings. Among other types of flowers for outdoors weddings that are popular nowadays among modern couples we mention the sweet peas, the playful Billy Balls, the lovely chamomiles, the narcissuses and irises.1

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