Feather Wedding Bouquets

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Offbeat brides who are interested in planning a more fashionable and glamorous look might be interested in seeing these lovely pictures of feather wedding bouquets posted on this page.

We think that feathers are among the most delicate, subtle and refined decorative items that a bride can use to dress up her wedding bouquet or enrich it and make it more appealing and eye-catchy. These lovely and charming accessories have been used in weddings for a long time , during the ’20s when glamor, fashion and nice styles were at big rage. Even today these ravishing items are used by modern brides for adorning their looks by incorporating them in their headpieces, in wedding cakes and in wedding bouquets.

Today, feathers are also used in composing or beautifying the wedding corsages and boutonnieres. Perhaps these types of accessories are not for all the brides, but mostly for women and couples who are planning an antique inspired wedding, where the feathers can become the principal theme or motif used in the decoration. The wedding bouquet is now viewed as a more dazzling and glamorous accessory that the bride must wear for completing or enriching her unique look. You can choose from many other types of decorative items such as brooches, sparkling wires or monograms, but feathers are the most adequate ones for these types of old style weddings.

In case you are not ready to assume a non-flower wedding bouquet and use feathers as a more inspired and chic cosmopolitan alternative to real fresh flowers, you can only use them to adorn a bouquet made of natural plants. Almost any type of flower works excellent in combination with feathers, although the most popular ones that are usually used in feather wedding bouquets are: calla lilies, roses, carnations, dahlias or anemones. You can choose any other type of favorite flower that you want to see in your wedding, as long as you keep the arrangement, the design and the colors chic, simplistic, coquette and refined.

You don’t have to go over the board with the flowers, the colors and the accessories in order to obtain the glamorous look that you have always dreamed of for your wedding. If you want to create a more eye-catchy and flirty feather wedding bouquet we suggest you to go with black or pink colored feathers. The most common types of feathers used in these types of bouquets are the peacock feathers. Whether natural or artificial, these discreet, gentle and seductive accessories are able to transform a simple flower bouquet into a more ravishing and dainty arrangement that you can wear in order to differentiate your look from the rest. Use a few sparkling symbols or beaded items to give more brilliance and attractiveness to the bouquet.1

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