Father Of The Bride Wear

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All the actors involved in a wedding need to be properly dressed, so as bride you should pay attention to the outfits of every member of your wedding party. When it comes to your father you should definitely pay more attention than ever because the father of the bride is one of the most important actors of a wedding. That’s because he’s the one accompanying the beautiful bride on her way down the aisle.

Father Of The Bride Wear

Father Of The Bride Wear (Photo by: stevebrownd50)

So, if you want to get your father’s outfit right you should start by considering the time of day of the ceremony as well as its type. For instance, if the event is going to occur before 6pm you should take into consideration full morning dress. If neither you nor your dad are so found of top hats you should consider opting for something as formal but more comfortable. That means you should think of tuxes and lightweight wool suits in a dark color. If the wedding is going to be on the casual side, you should even try to tempt your dad with a linen suit.

I also recommend you to choose the option that will make your father look overdressed every time doubts arise. That’s because looking sharper than you actually should is always wiser, especially for the father of the bride who needs to look as elegant as the groom and his groomsmen. That means you shouldn’t never dismiss silk ties and cufflinks. As important it’s to make sure your dad will forget about his personal style. He needs to match with the rest of the men in the wedding party, so his outfit can’t be completely different from theirs. He needs to understand that your wedding day needs to be all about you and your wishes and desires.

When choosing the perfect wedding outfit for your dad you should also remember that an elegant tux or suit also needs a pair of elegant shoes. That means you will have to choose sophisticated and comfortable shoes like those that fall in the category of classic lace-ups. In addition, no matter the choice made, on the actual wedding day the shoes should present themselves clean and polished.

I must also add that in order to make sure every member of your wedding party follows the wedding theme and the color scheme chosen, you should include in your father’s outfit an accessory in the main color of the wedding. For instance, if the event is going to take place on Valentine’s Day, you should consider adding to your dad’s black or white tux a red bow tie. That red bow tie should also be part of the groomsmen’s outfits so that everyone can easily notice the style of the wedding.

Father Of The Bride Wear

Father Of The Bride Wear (Photo by: Alasdair Middleton)

Last but not least, I also advise you to take a look at the complete outfit before the big day arrives. Just like your bridesmaids, your dads needs to try on his outfit several times and you need to be there in order to make sure the resulting look works for the type of wedding you’ve envisioned.


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