Eyeglasses Tips For Brides In Los Angeles

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Your glasses are an important part of your life, they surely represent a necessity and, on your wedding day, you will probably have to decide whether to to wear them or to opt for contact lenses. When you take this important decision, you must first think of how important the eyeglasses are for you,whether you could see well without them or whether you’ll be put in the strange position of squinting eyes on one of the most special days of your life.

Then, remember that you should not feel ashamed of wearing glasses; at the wedding party, most of the people who are invited invited are family members and friends who already know that you are wearing eyeglasses, so, there will not be anything new for them to see if you wear glasses on your wedding day.

The first and most popular option is to opt for contact lenses. However, you have to consider wearing them for at least a month before the wedding. Meanwhile you can become more experienced in using them and in taking them out without great effort. Your eyes would become accustomed to their presence as well and you will not be stressed about losing them.

Eyeglasses can be a barrier in the wedding photo shooting scene. Another reason to wear contact lenses for your wedding ceremony is represented by the fact that you will not have to worry about the glare that occurs in flash photography this year. Quite a few brides fear that their glasses will distract the attention from their dress in the wedding pictures. Even if you choose to wear glasses at the wedding do not hesitate to at least remove them for the photo session.

Or, at least ask your photographer to use a special technique for taking picture of you and your husbands. Here is an eyeglasses tip for you: the wedding shots should be taken slightly from above; this way, you could keep your glasses on, but your eyes will still be seen.

Remember that they will make your wedding album so that it might be seen for decades to come.

If the bride only needs reading glasses, she can hide them in her wedding purse. She will only need them during the civil marriage when she will have to sign the official documents. She does not have to read or write during the religious ceremony, much less at the restaurant.

For those brides who cannot tolerate contact lenses or feel that giving up on wearing their glasses for one day is not the best idea, there are some ways in which they can make their own special glasses to wear on their wedding day. A few months before the wedding, you should choose new frames that would match the style chosen for the wedding dress and jewelry. In general, thin and discreet frames are an elegant option for a bride carrying eyeglasses. Choose the eyeglasses that match the wedding jewelry or otherwise. In other words, silver jewelry goes with silver frames or you can choose gold frames in order to wear gold wedding jewelry.

If you are a bride in Los Angeles and you wear eyeglasses, one of the best solutions is to check up the Eyetailor boutique in L.A. The specialists at Eyetailor can suggest you one of the items that fits you best; here, you can find a wide variety of designer eyeglasses, perfect for such a unique event as your wedding. Whatever the solution might be in your case what is important is to feel good about yourself on your wedding day. You know that your fiance loves you as you are.1

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