Extra Wide Wedding Band Rings

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For men who are only attracted to everything that looks grand, imposing and masculine, an extra wide wedding band can make a perfect solution or alternative to a thin elegant wedding ring. In general, grooms are quite pretentious when it comes to jewels and wedding rings.

They want the ring to look not too girlish, too extravagant, glittering and glamorous, but they also want the ring to still be elegant, attractive, appealing, unique and original.

Well, it’s hard to combine these aspects or requirements, but more and more modern wedding ring designers are trying their best to always keep the modern groom happy and satisfy them with the ring choices that they make possible.

Besides the fact that the color of the ring must be black or dark colored as well as the stone of the ring, the metal and the touch of the ring must be nice and soft as well . Finding a comfortable wedding ring that can still be both practical and elegant or original might be a tough thing to do.

But in most cases, grooms who don’t want to complicate their existence with searching an age for the perfect wedding ring are finally deciding to go with a simple chic extra wide wedding band.

There are many reasons why a groom might want to vote for a wide wedding band instead of a fancy classy wedding ring with stones.

In general, extra wide wedding bands are designed in a simple clean way and style, without too many artworks, fireworks or intricate details. In fact, the vast majority of the extra wide wedding bands that can be found on the market are plain.

Extra wide wedding bands with diamonds, and all kinds of engravings, etchings, scroll work, patterns, figural or filigrees patterns can only be found ina designer store, where they are custom made.

So, as we said before, an extra wide wedding band that is plan has the advantage of making the wearer feel comfortable and most of all, practical.

We think that the practicality of a wedding ring is exactly what a groom of today is interested in firstly. Things like aspect, elegance, design, theme and style come secondly, but we can’t generalize though.

Another reason why a groom or a couple might decide to vote for an extra wide wedding band would be the lower price.

Compared to other types of fancy exquisite kind of rings, the wide bands are more affordable because of their simplistic clean design. In most cases, these types of rings are not embellished with all kinds of gemstones, small diamonds, carving, etchings or inlay details. For brides, an extra wide wedding band can make an inspired choice considering that the engagement ring is easier to match with a simple plain band.1

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