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Most brides can say that their wedding preparations began long before the wedding day. They envision their wedding reception and wedding dress years before the event and they have a style for their wedding already established. Some of them imagine that the perfect wedding must have fairy lights and a lot of tulle, while others want the decorations to incorporate deep rich colors and to include candles. The decorations are part of that something which makes the right atmosphere at the reception and will be part of your wedding memories. 

Wedding reception decorations can incorporate the decorations for arches, gazebos and buffet or can resume only to the centerpieces. While other decorations can miss, table decorations are always used at the reception and they are mainly represented by centerpieces. These can be edible, containing for example assortments of fruits and sweets or can be made of mixtures of elements that set the mood. Candles are among the most popular decorative pieces, especially if the wedding is celebrated in the evening, when they are able to provide the atmosphere with a special feel. They can be placed in vases and surrounded by flowers or can be placed in the middle of the table on a bed of confetti, for a casual wedding, or on fabrics like silk or tulle for the elegant and sophisticated type of event. At the romantic and elegant type of wedding, you will be tempted to fill the place with blinking LED lights, which could light the venue or could even become part of the centerpieces.


Gazebo (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

Gazebo (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

Centerpieces and other decorations from the reception often borrow their designs and colors from themes. Depending on the things that the couple loves and their passions, these themes range from the most simple to the most impressive ones. To give some examples of wedding reception decorations that fall into these two categories, we have chosen two pictures that show a wedding theme that makes you instantly think of one which was chosen after considering the season and one that will impress the invitees with an unexpected element. The first picture shows decorations that can be chosen for a winter wedding and you can see that they are dominated by rich reds and sparkling white shades. These are included in the linens and flowers and are highlighted with black accents.


Winter Wedding (Source: bride.net)

Winter Wedding (Source: bride.net)

The second picture shows decorations which have as inspirational source the touch of vintage elegance. They feature simple flowers, with delicate and pleasant colors and arranged in antique jars.


Vintage Wedding Decorations (Source: cache.stylemepretty.com)

Vintage Wedding Decorations (Source: cache.stylemepretty.com)

The theme helps you choose the decorations, but the space imposes you to choose a certain style. When the distance between the floor and ceiling is considerable, you should choose large round tables and the centerpieces should expand in height. Tall bouquets that contain rich and bold colors are the natural option. If the room is small, the tables should be rectangular and their space shouldn’t be filled with too many pieces. A simple centerpiece placed in the middle and containing a vase with a single flower or a glass vase with a Japanese fighting fish inside is exactly what you are looking for.


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