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A Jewish bride is walked down the aisle by both her mother and father and at a protestant wedding the bride’s mother is among the first members of the bridal party who walk down the aisle. At Christian weddings, the bride’s mother stands in the first row at the wedding ceremony and at the reception many times she dances with the groom when the bride dances with her father. In all these instances, her dress is a representation of the wedding’s color scheme and theme.

As the bride chooses an elegant wedding dress that flatters her, you can buy a dress that complements your style and silhouette without upstaging your daughter. You can be the next best-dressed woman at the wedding if you pick a dress that matches the wedding, makes you look extraordinarily and is accessorized with good taste.


Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: jempole.com)

Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: jempole.com)

Let’s look at some characteristics of elegant mother of the bride dresses. Classic lines are usually chosen due to their gentle tailoring and their elegance and simplicity. The skirt usually reaches the knees with the possibility of adapting the length according to the formality of the event. As a starting point, think of how formal the wedding is, how the bride’s dress looks like and look at the bridesmaids’ dresses. The bride’s dress should be the center of attention, next the bridesmaids’ dresses can have bolder colors and can be more revealing and then your dress will be simpler and more appropriate for your age and status. The length of the dress plays an important part in making it look elegant and flattering for the bride’s mother, but the neckline should not reveal too much as well. If you want the top of your dress to look more sophisticated, cutting the material isn’t a sole option. Rather than doing this, you should think of decorating this part with elements that add class and elegance. Lace, sequins, crystals and fabric flowers make inspiring, interesting and appealing creations. In the church, you should cover your shoulders with a bolero or jacket and you could wear a hat.


Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: plussizeformaldresses.biz)

Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: plussizeformaldresses.biz)

Usually, the mother of the bride wears a dress which is two shades lighter than those of the bridesmaids. Even though it might seem that it is more important to find that color that looks best on you, you should know that sometimes you are supposed to find a compromise. If the bridesmaids are dressed in pink, but you look too pale in a light pink dress, you must find another hue for your attire. A chocolate brown can be the right option for your and this hue complements the pink from the bridesmaids’ attire. Also, this shade of brown makes blonde women look beautiful and refined.

Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: womenoutfits.info)

Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: womenoutfits.info)

Accessories are an important part of the outfit, being able to take it from lovely to stunning. For the elegant and classy bride’s mother, accessories for the hair are a must. Hats, fascinators or hair clips can be found on different colors and it would be more appropriate and more interesting to let these accessories stand out. Jewelry should be simple and should have a single color if the dress has a pattern and can be colorful and bolder in the other case.


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